How to Write Your First Blog Post – Ideas Tips

Join Blogging to Win here! Have you ever wondered, “What do you write in your first blog post?” Here are 4 tips on how to write your first blog post and make a great impression on your new readers! || How to Write Your First Blog Post – Ideas & Tips

You can watch my tutorial on how to start a blog right here!

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  1. Thanks alot ma’am for telling what to write in my First Blog..I was so much puzzled about that..

  2. — Please check out my first website and Blog and need your feedback.. please i liked all your videos..

  3. You totally calmed my nerves and quieted my fears of the writing process. Thank you for your help! Great video. I love that you wear the natural look. You are lovely!

  4. Hey which blog platform is better to earn money.
    Blogspot,WordPress,Wix or some other else.

  5. GittyLib is modern blog editor that works right in your browser — with all the tools needed for writing your next hit. Copy and paste the source code to your blog website code. Woohoo!

  6. Very helpful, I am about start a blog on music, entertainment, and my trekking stories. Any specific guideline on what my first blog should contain?

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  8. Allison, thank you so much for this content. For several weeks now I have been confused about what my first few blog posts should be about but now I have better clarity on what topics I should be focusing on.

  9. photographer here. unsolicited pro tip: keep the window in front of you or wherever you want your light source to be from. Having your light shine into the camera is not such a good idea. Much appreciate your video btw!!!

  10. Thank you, Allison, For this video. Although I am watching it more than one year after it was done, I still benefited immensely by how simple you made writing my first blog look. I must quickly add, you look beautiful in this video.