HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST FOR BEGINNERS 2019: Tips To Create AMAZING Blog Posts From The Start

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Hey guys! Today I want to take it back to the basics of blogging and share some tips on how to write a blog post for beginners! Not only am I sharing a step by step process to create your first blog post, but I’m also sharing some tips to make better blog posts. PLUS exactly how to launch a blog post on WordPress.

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Sharing blogging tips to help you grow your blog faster than you thought possible!

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  1. You mentioned something towards the end – “yo-something” ??? Having to do with pictures & social media. You were talking so fast I couldn’t understand you. And I did rewind easily 10 times to listen again and again… to try to catch it, but that didn’t work. Could you please tell me what you said?

  2. Whew you started talking really fast at the end. I had to rewatch a few times lol, but very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Ok I am confused. Maybe it is because I am coming to this after a long time. Is blog same as website. I see it being send interchangeably everywhere. If not how would you define a blog. Most blogs look like text based websites to me. Thanks for the video.

  4. I want to create a blog but not very good in English. I need a proofreader. How long should a blog post content anyway?

  5. See all those bits laying on the floor? That’s the contents of my head. I’m so confused! Lol

  6. love the video. Really good points except for the one about writing one sentence and one word for content. How would SEO and tagging work with this?

    how to get a dog to stop barking


    just a little confused. Otherwise love the vid.

  7. Thank you so much, Cathrin! I am starting my own within few days and your video really helped me. I hope that goes well! 🙂

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