How to Use YouTube for Churches and NonProfits — 3 Pro Tips

In this video Brady Shearer shares 3 pro tips for using YouTube to grow your church or nonprofit. **** Our new book YouTube Secrets is out now! Get your copy here:

**** Show Notes and Resources ****

1. Connect with Brady Shearer here:

2. Recommended Keyword Research YouTube Growth Tools

3. ( Book) Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

(Book) The Beauty of Discomfort: How What We Avoid Is What We Need

4. (Free YouTube Tool) Start getting more views in less time with VidIQ. Get FREE access at:

5. One subscription for unlimited 4K stock footage downloads.

(Free YouTube Masterclass) Learn how quickly grow your audience and income on this FREE YouTube masterclass here:

Sean Cannell on Social Media:

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About This Video:
Interview with Brady Shearer from Pro Church Tools about how to church YouTube for churches and nonprofits.

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  3. Great video! I make discipleship content and have learned a lot from your channel. Thanks guys

  4. inspire me to create a channel I create fortnite gameplay can you plz help be the best and if you thx I will really priciated and thank you for the amazing content and keep it up

  5. I’m an aspiring Christian influencer. From this video I got branding and self motivation as the keys to success 🙏🏾 Now I use the keyword tool but I want to edit my thumbnails better .. not quit sure exactly how (example: Transformation Church edits they’re thumbnails)

  6. This was such an informative video! Glad I watched and I loved how y’all used real examples!

  7. hey guys we started a video adventure faith series that has has done ok on FB with over 150K engaging with it. However we have now just started to land everything on Youtube. We have some marketing budget and some crazy concepts for future films and are taking meeting with the BBC and other productions companies – however we really want to land this stuff on YouTube – We are in the US often preaching and teaching in our church roles and would love to know what conferences there are to help us develop in this area! and advice would be great – here is a link to one of our episodes

  8. You have 10 to 20 employees? 😂 I am a business owner and I KNOW that I have 9 employees… *_but, that being said your info is good._*

  9. One concern: How can you prevent an inappropriate ad from being in your channel.

  10. hey! i wanna know my church channel category. can you tell me what is the category should i use? education or non profit and activism ?

  11. Hello My nama is Mina Bentil and i am the First lady of our Church the Master’s Holy Mountain Embassy. I listened to your video and it sounds like your group/Company is the type that i am looking for to help me with our Church YouTube moving forward. Can you please reach out to me so that I can know if you guys can help our channel be more professional and bring in traffic? Thank you very much. Blessings

  12. This video is amazing to me. Several years ago, Brady and his Church Tools helped me in developing my church’s online reach via Facebook. Now, Sean is helping me with YouTube. My two favoritist mentors together on the same video! Awesome.