How to Start Calisthenics | Best Beginner Workout Routine

How to start Calisthenics? Watch this video for a full guideline!

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We are two brothers (Michael & Yannick) from the Netherlands and we make videos and workout plans about Calisthenics! We share useful information about Calisthenics and we share our own progressions. We are convinced that Calisthenics improves your life in all aspects and that is exactly what we want to share with our followers! Calisthenics gives you a challenge in your life and helps you to become fitter and healthier in an enjoyable way!

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What’s up guys!

This video is a follow up from our recent Body Transformation Video. We got many comments & questions about the topic: How to start Calisthenics. So we decided to dedicate a full video about this. So here it is: “How to Start with Calisthenics?”
In this video, we discuss the 3 most important topics that you should know as a Calisthenics beginner. We also share the routine that we did in the beginning, which we still do now!

0:14 Intro

1:31 #1 Start With the Basics!
1:44 Prevent injuries
2:18 Burn Fat Quicker
2:42 Natural Way of Training
3:18 Improve Form & Technique
4:21 Bodyweight Basics GOALS

4:48 #2 Work on a Strong Core!
5:02 Push up vs Bench press Example
6:62 Don’t train for 6-pack Abs, Train your CORE
7:15 Core GOALS

7:43 #3 Work on Mobility & Flexibility
8:21 What is and Why Flexibility?
8:46 What is and Why Mobility?

11:56 Free Calisthenics Training Guide Explanation
12:45 Ibiza Calisthenics Retreat Announcement (Stan Browney)

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Michael & Yannick
Calisthenics Family

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  1. Hey Guys, We hope you are all save! Due tot the Corona Virus we have just uploaed a new video: “How to start Calisthenics At Home? | Best Week Routine | No Equipment” Watch the video (for free) here:

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    Stay save, take care and spread love!

  2. I can exceed all of the core exercises by a lot, but with the arms I can do all of the exercises, but the form isn’t very good. I’ve been working on these exercises for about three years without a stop. I am able to increase the amount I do, but I always decrease in my form. The arm exercises are just harder to get good form in, What should I do?

  3. Did you include the guy on the left cause your mom told you to give your younger brother a chance ?

  4. What happens if u can’t meet all the basics but u can on some? For example, dips and pushups for recommended reps I’m good but can barely do a pullup?

  5. This channel is even more informative than CHris HERNIA.
    The dude(Chris HERNIA) is just spewing some lies just to gain more subs and views for money.

  6. All the things and tips u guys give are good, but there is one most important tip. This is a grip strength thats the most important one!

  7. My routine is so messed up that’s why i’m here trying to copy someone’s routine… I’ve been doing calisthenic for 3 months now…For that 3 months i’ve been trying to enhance my strength but I also learned L-sit and handstand(not fully mastered) so far I can L-sit for 20-30s and can hold handstand for 5-15s…

  8. I want to unfuck my brain and be at this level. I have two herniated disk and lifting weights is not for me.