How to Plan an Event – Project Management Training

Everyone has planned an event at home, work or in their community.

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Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to step up to the big leagues and plan for a large conference by taking these practical steps.

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work week in my life: events, podcasts, + meetings
work week in my life: events, podcasts, + meetings

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  1. This is the absolute best video, I don’t get why her channel no longer exist I would have admire learning more from her 😿

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  3. Thank you very much.. It is really helpful for my assignments work…. gave an idea about planning the conference or an event.. 🙂

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  6. Three very important components of event planning are:-
    1) Understanding the purpose of event i.e. it is important to get people know that what show is about.
    2) Deciding the Venue or location of the event is very important and apart from this, it is also important to decide food, beverages which are going to be offer and the decoration.
    3) Volunteering is also important component to lay out the roles and responsibilities, we had to plan the meetings and schedule out the work and any kind of contact information.