How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig | TEDxMalibu

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Adam Leipzig has overseen more than 25 movies as a producer, executive and distributor. and has produced more than 300 stage plays and live events, and he was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

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  1. My problem is… I couldn’t answer the 2nd question. So how do we love from there???
    I mean, I know what I like to do, tried it with passion but realized I sucked at it. Now what.

  2. i am adam, i have fun, i do it for myself, coz i need to cheer up, and it changes my by feeling a little teeny tiny bit better for the moment.

  3. How to Know Your life purpose in 5 minutes
    Video length : 10 minutes
    Still would’ve watched it anyways.

  4. Am 25 years old and l have no clue my purpose in life,l just do cooking, eating, watching YouTube videos and sleeping but l love writing scripts .

  5. This is just silly and the title of this TED talk is deceiving. I’m sorry for the negative comment, but he’s basically asking a bunch of people who have their lives pretty much sorted out what their lives is about. Not everyone has clear answers to those questions (as was made clear from the lack of enthusiasm from the audience) and many who do simply don’t relate to them and are still in the search of a greater purpose. There’s no method here in searching one’s life purpose. This talk was a waste of time (as expected from the premisse). Again, sorry for the negative comment, but I couldn’t help felling deceived.

  6. just wasted 10 minutes and 11secnonds out of my life by watching that video. never seen more rubbish than this chap and his idea about others.

  7. “If you help enough people, you’ll never have to worry about money” – Dave Ramsey

  8. people out there really struggle with such things ? i almost knew what i want in my life by the time i was 20 or 21 , now im closin in to 25, like , lifes easy af ,if not make it then lmao , im also real damn close to being successful in my own way , by the age of 19-20 most people that knew me were like : hes really damn successful , hes got a job, a car, a motorbike, big muscles , a girl , having amazing rave party nights etc . , but for me that wasnt the success i wanted , achieve stuff ,work for them and when you get em , if, you feel like something doesnt feel right , then just dive into you and find it out , thats what i did , took me almost 0 effort, easy af tbh , now i know where im heading and what to do , the only lame thing is that i need to patient for the goals to come to me ( i work towards them but its all about time now ) ….. soooo ill say it once again LIFES EZ , adapt improvise overcome and be elusive in any way you can think off and more , thats all about it lmao