how to find your style + the confidence to wear it

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In this chatty video, I answer one of my most asked questions: how do I find my style and the confidence to wear what I want? I break it down into steps, from assessing what clothes you already wear the most in your wardrobe, to finding aesthetic inspiration, building a moodboard, and tips for going shopping and styling outfits.

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shorts: abrand ()
heart necklace: vanessa mooney (similar: )
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heart choker: melody ehsani (similar: )


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what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 21 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5’5″
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
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  1. also another tip: go and live China or South Korea for a while and you will be hella trendy

  2. My style is
    Goth/dark aesthetic/light aesthetic
    Do any of you know stores that may have my aesthetic? Online or not is fine

  3. I live with my dad and my mom its the one that always buy my brother’s and my clothes, so, I always wanted to have clothes that I selected, outfits that I put together.

  4. another idea instead of the keeping track of what you actually wear step, you could also see if something sparks joy. because you may have some dresses and love them but don’t actually have the confidence to wear it.

  5. 2 years later ~ came back and rewatched this video now that I’m in my first year of uni, living by myself and trying to find my style! thx again for the advice big sister ashley xx

  6. Raise your hand if you think Ashely should be a costume designer for films and movies because she’s good at picking clothes and she went to film school

  7. I also recomend just browsing on online stores and see what clothes really stand out that may help identify what you like

  8. also if you want too and have cash on hand get some cheap jewelry from aesthetics you like from shein or romwe or somewhere else and wear them with an outfit you have that you think matches the pieces of jewelry aesthetic then determine which jewelry you like more and feel more like yourself in (hope this helps ly)

  9. I don’t think ugly sweatpants and big hoodies is a style…
    Yea the first tip isn’t working for me-
    Not going to lie though my week’s outfits is just black/white t-shirt, a hoodie and sweatpants. Nothing like my dream style-

  10. i’m okay with my style now coz i’ve been trying what you said for a while but,,, i’m still kinda new to caring a little bit about how i look so i always end up feeling overdressed. what dyou think i should do lol pls help like no pressures but like hELP

  11. I just want something comfy and iconic done example BILLIE EILLESH style
    (edit )it’s called Billie eilish

  12. The wandering bolt metrically joke because odometer ordinarily crawl under a green grey grieving ocelot. nonchalant, pumped oval

  13. Well you lucky guys I have the confidence to wear all dresses but my family would not let me wear it 🙄. The design of clothes that I am allowed to wear is equivalent to the strictest dress code of any school of your city.