How teen activists are mobilizing using social media | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Greta Thunberg attracted hundreds of thousands of students and adults to the streets of Montreal to demand action on climate change. Thunberg uses social media to mobilize fellow activists and supporters all over the world. The Weekly takes a deep dive into how this generation of youth activists differs from those of the past.

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Want to be a youth activist? Here are some tips | CBC Kids News

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  1. PPC all the way, Max seems like the only sane person who sees what is going on. And yes, she is mentally unstable and needs psychiatric help…

  2. Funny gretta could not answer simple questions without her script ,multiple times now asked questions and had to pass it to someone else could not answer them. Btw german pms are going after her parents for child abuse

  3. We know Greta and the rest of the kids are not funding these protests so who is? It takes a large amount of money and power to put on a propaganda show like this. Who gets to speak in front of the UN let alone a angry frightened child with Asperger`s Syndrome?

  4. Anyone who thinks climate change is a hoax in 2019 is dumb as a rock, but anyone who thinks a few mad teens are going to change the establishment is even more dense.

  5. It’s hilarious how these kids want to protest in a western democracy that has the cleanest and most ethical way of producing energy…. maybe they should head over to China, Russia, India or Saudi Arabia and try this crap over there. What a joke. Lol. I won’t take advise from a generation that eats Tide Pods.

  6. CBC, she’s not really a kid. She’s a teen that’s a year from being legally recognized as an adult.

    Secondly, anyone who puts themselves on the world stage at the UN and says a bunch of stuff is fair game in terms of criticism.

  7. The fear mongering is making people crazy. The problem with Greta may be she is a vegan. Veganism absolutely causes mental illness. Please do some research. I generally agree with her message but the craziness of it all is over the top.

  8. *_Climate change_** is the current pretext to justify halting use of the land resource.* Building _upwards_ and ceasing expansion _outwards_ causes home prices to skyrocket and places the lifetime earnings of citizens extracted through rent squarely into the hands of the _International Socialists._ Within a generation a nation is turned into a vassal.

    A similar campaign half a century ago employing agricultural land as the pretext caused home prices to launch from the ten thousand dollar to the million dollar level pricing homes beyond reach while simultaneously making million dollar an acre land unfeasible to farm.

    Organized protest, including pleas from children, attends each attempted use of land.

    Each time another tract of land is “protected” the public cheers. Those most affected tighten the snare on their own demise. Thousands of homeless in each city.

    _All of the land on this planet was promised to the chosen few, together with the increase that it yields. It is being redeemed._


    Preserving farmland inspired a movement to protect _all_ land from development instead of making forestland that we have in extravagant abundance available for housing. This restriction caused farmland values to skyrocket making it uneconomical to till. Homes that were $10,000 to $60,000 with the average price ranging from $10,000 in most cities to $24,000 in the more expensive regions rose to multi-millions as a result of the artificially created shortage. A mile width of forestland over a short distance near cities would eliminate the housing issue permanently. _Saving_ a forest is ill-conceived. Nature ignores man’s declarations and continues on its usual course of cleansing by fire the forest of its dead, dying and diseased to make way for new growth, as it has been doing since time immemorial.

    A generation prevented from acquiring a home and becoming established lives for _experience_ that soon devolves to _escape_ by taking _drugs._

    Citizens whose income enabled them to purchase a ten thousand dollar home with a value that now exceeds a million dollars are doomed. Their home must be sold to cover deferred property taxes and to repay loans secured by equity upon winding-up of their estate. The freedom that derives from owning your own home is ending.

    Civic governments reap a bonanza from property assessments generating billion dollar surpluses. This is “invested” in the equivalent of _municipals_ that return $3 in forty years time for each $100 spent on acquiring them now. Young people work two shifts daily in order to keep a roof over their heads, one that they will never own. A third of the world away a hill of sand is transformed into a metropolis.

    Citizens have been conditioned to view with anathema and as evil _National Socialism_ in which the resources of a nation and economic output of its population benefits their _own_ country.

    An enduring legacy of Communism as well as its ulterior motive is the departure of residents from family dwellings into highrises enabling _International Socialists_ to capture their lifetime earnings through rent and for all time to subjugate these nations. Democratic nations enact regulations that are a bottomless pit in order to frustrate and end the construction and private ownership of homes.

    Economic distortion arising from this deliberately created artificial shortage with all earnings going towards rent that enriches the chosen few acts like a cancerous tumor destroying its host.

  9. Their teachers need to start teaching science instead they with the help of the government state media fill there heads with fear. 500 hundred scientist singed a petition stating this fear of climate change is unfounded to the UN. Closed minded misinformed blind sheep following a lie. There are many facts and strong arguments to support this. It’s in your history and use to be in our school text books. Your minds are closed and not open to debate. I find it shameful that our children are being brainwashed and used as pawns.

  10. ………CBC…… you EVER get the impression that you are hated by Canadians?…..No?….I guess you don’t read the comments under your brainwashing videos.

  11. The Russian troll bots and American gasp company stooges sure are out in force in this comment section. It’s not hard to tell, either. So pathetic and disgusting.

  12. Teens are definitely more aware of environmental issues. But all the teens protesting, do they all plant trees? Open clubs and try to raise money to plant more trees? Isn’t that more effective than protesting? Do they clean beaches? Technology indeed should be used to spread awareness. But all that is happening is awareness. But no one is really doing anything other than protesting. I’m 17 and I have planted trees every 2 months since I turned 12 and I tell my friends to do the same. Some do it some don’t. I can’t control that but I can do something on my own. Internet should be used after something substantial has been done. Adults don’t take teens seriously and teens overuse internet and mostly not for the right reasons. What’s the point of having internet access if you are just spreading awareness? What are you ACTUALLY doing?