How augmented reality is changing activism | Glenn Cantave

Glenn Cantave uses technology to highlight narratives of the oppressed. In a tour of immersive visual projects, he shares his work with the team at Movers and Shakers NYC, a coalition that executes direct action and advocacy campaigns for marginalized communities using virtual reality, augmented reality and the creative arts.

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  1. Go back to africa then. Didn’t hear about the north soldiers who died in the hundreds of thousands to free blacks. This is our history. If you’re not one of us leave.

  2. How tf are we supposed to see this AR stuff? You can’t just log into “AR” in the same way you can’t just log into the Internet. Is this via a specific app that 500 people will download? Or is it visable from some more popular existing app? This is only going to matter if people see it.

  3. This comments section is an absolute cesspool. I don’t think the AR thing is really going to do much, but seriously, the vast majority of the parent level comments are ignorant, racist, or both. Why are you all so threatened by this guy?

  4. Another racist with a thin veil of compassion over it. Ted is dead now.

  5. All respect to him being committed but I have a hard time finding anything more lame than being offended by what one guy did 500 years ago. Put efforts into today’s issues instead and try to make the world we live in a better place…

  6. if it wasnt for Columbus, you wouldnt be having a ted talk and be wearing a shirt and pants.

  7. Amazing! Here here! I would like to look at how this could be used for First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples worldwide.

  8. TED’s standards have clearly lowered! I hope these wannabe activists take some real action to help someone in need instead of using the past to unnecassrily paint other communities as evil(today)

  9. Isn’t it great, we live in a country where you can go to the courthouse and create your very own original last name. Problem solved. No need to thank me, I am a Master Resilience Trainer. It’s similar to a Jedi, kind of a big deal. 😎

  10. Slavery has been around for thousands of years. People like this are choosing to ignore it.

  11. This young man needs to read Booker T Washington’s book, Up From Slavery, to gain perspective. Coming out of slavery, Booker chose his last name. He provides amazing insight on how to overcome the past, and make positive contributions to the present and future.

  12. Fake title followed by confused rant.
    Doesn’t Ted review this stuff first, or does Ted occupy some augmented reality ??

  13. My last name is also a slave name but my family seems to revere our legacy. Proof we can overcome hardship and improve ourselves. This dude has had too much liberal koolaid. Believes himself a victim in modern times. If he is, it is only to his vicitimhood.

  14. What a difference a year makes! Mississippi voted to change their flag to remove the confederate symbol, statues have started to come down and people who didn’t understand what Colin Kaepernick meant by kneeling finally get it now. So you were a year ahead of your time & I wonder if any of the commenters from a year ago would revise their comments in today’s light? Great job with the AR idea!