Have France’s militant vegan activists gone too far? | Focus on Europe

Militant vegan attacks on butcher shops, restaurants and cheese shops are increasing around the world as more and more people adhere to veganism. In France, where food is a culture in and of itself, radical vegan activists have come head to head with butchers and animal rights activists. An organic butcher at the storied Saint Quentin Market in Paris was attacked by militant vegan activists belonging to 269 Life, who assaulted him and poured red paint on his goods. Have vegan protests gone too far?

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  1. In America my butcher would have thrown all kinds of facts at them and if they didn’t stop then he would grab his colt revolver duel wield

  2. Now I have to try some French cuisines they look delicious and that butcher seems like a kind guy and is just doing his job providing delicious and amazing meat and if I bet an in the area I would visit and buy some to support him

  3. I don’t think standing in the middle of the street wearing anonymous masks and showing videos of butchers cutting up pig flesh is gonna help stop people from eating meat, i’d just get hungry to be honest.

  4. Me eating double cheese burger while watching this video… And it’s lovely

  5. “But he is not afraid he could lose his customers”
    Duhh ofcourse !!!people just can’t stop being so dumb and will do anything to satisfy themselves even when it harms other animals!!!

  6. You never see them protest in front of Mosques during the annual Feast of Sacrifice… You will see what happens to them…

  7. Saying that cheese and dairy is cruel to animals is like saying wine is cruel to grapes.

  8. Nothing but nothing lives but something dies. Killing a healthy plant in the prime of its life is no different.