Grant writing for nonprofits 101. 10 things you should know before you get started

Grant Writing tips// HOW TO WRITE A GRANT//HOW TO FUND YOUR NONPROFIT /Ready to get started writing your first grant? In this video I am sharing my top 10 tips to write a grant no matter how big or small!

Playlist video mentioned in the video all about grant writing! One of the best resources I have found! Check it out here:

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  1. Know your business model- sometimes grants are a great way to fund your mission. Community support through individual funders is critical for any nonprofit (social benefit organization), and depending on your programming grants may be an excellent source of funds. I agree with the give yourself time advice, typically with a private foundation you are writing a grant not for this year, but for the coming year. You should be looking 6-12 months out with grants, usually expect at least a nine month timeline. Grants are a good strategy for the long-game; not for cash flow.

  2. Great advice, I appreciate the tips. 2 Questions: Where is tip #6? Did I miss it somewhere? Video does not list #6. Also, Where is the link for the video you are talking about? I do not see it but I’d love to watch it. Thanks much.

  3. Great advice. The link she mentioned in the playlist literally just sent me to more of her videos.


  5. Hi Ashlee! Would you be interested in being a guest on my podcast? I’m hosting the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge, helping launch 100 initiatives in 90 days. Lots of interest in grant writing! Reach out at if interested. Thanks for all your great work!

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  8. I just got a volunteer position with a non profit and i’m the grant writer. i have done a ton of writing in my life, including undergrad and graduate, but this is a different animal. It’ good to know what i’m getting myself into before I get down to business for sure. Thank you for posting this video and making it easily digestible. I was able to take notes and hopefully I do well with this because it’s super important.

  9. I don’t know much about this subject at all, the point you made about what would we do with 5k or 10k really made me think. My question to you would be is it an acceptable use of grants to disburse the grants to those in need? For example if I had a 5013c organization that is designed to raise scholarship money would I be ok to use grant money as disbursements or does it have to be for organization’s uses to raise scholarship funds?