Forest schools: Lessons in outdoor education

Forest schools, in which students are instructed outside rather than in classrooms, have become a learning experience for many – and have added benefits in a time of pandemic. Correspondent Conor Knighton visits an immersive forest school in Oregon, where being outdoors all day – even in inclement weather – becomes part of the learning process.

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  1. Always a female teacher. Boys are doing much worse at school than girls because of the feminization of education.

  2. Love & support this “new” methodology for children and adults alike! May it become part of the new American curriculum 🇺🇸❣.

  3. I wonder if Oregon is as bad with mosquitoes in spring as Alaska. They come at you in baseball-sized swarms.

  4. Although it’s not quite Outdoor Schools, I’m pretty biased towards Montessori learning. Being outside and learning hands on has a great, positive effect on kids. Why did we forget this when we become adults is beyond me.

  5. Students can not only learn from nature but also learn to appreciate and respect nature.

  6. My kids would have loved this type of ‘school’.. they were very active and needed lots of outdoor time which we were able to give them outside of school!!

  7. This is normal in Europe. Children belong in the nature. It‘s just soooo ridiculous that these poor kids who are outside in the fresh air cannot even enjoy it with the masks – that are for nothing anyway. Oh wait, they symbolize something – how stupid we all are. Forgive me, but literally they do not stop any spread of the virus. What they are doing is spreading another sickness. They maintain the mental trauma we are all willingly putting our children through. Day after day after day. Shame on us all!!! Our children will never be the same again.

  8. Forest schools are very popular in the UK. Even some top boarding schools have a forest school that students have classes in some of the time. It works really well with young children to keep them active and not stuck in a classroom.

  9. My nephews went to a public alternative forest school outside of Burlington, VT. It’s been an option for kids for over a decade.

  10. I want to sign up… I grew up in Long Beach Ca and your Sixth grade year and freshman year of High School, you attend a Fall week in Camp Hi Hill. Our school district used to own the property and now its Religious Camp Site. Learned everything about the outdoors there… Good times… Now kids won’t stray far from Wifi..

  11. Hooray! I’m so happy to see that you included Sharon Danks from Green Schoolyards America in this piece. Their work to transform asphalt schoolyards into ecologically rich “parks” is so important.

  12. The uptight wren remarkably guard because wound realistically double to a freezing sweets. shallow, mindless loss