Florida Surpasses 2 Million Covid Cases | NBC Nightly News

The mayor of Miami Beach, Florida, declared a state of emergency, including a new 8 p.m. curfew in an effort to control spring break crowds. The highly contagious U.K. variant now accounts for up to 30 percent of new infections nationwide.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Florida Surpasses 2 Million Covid Cases | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Typical MSM, “Florida surpasses 2 million cases” but they start the video about chaos during spring break in Miami then spin it into a scary COVID story. Please folks, stop listening to MSM propaganda and check the numbers for yourself. When adjusted for population, Florida is doing no better or worse than any other state regardless if masks are optional or mandatory.

  2. Shame that the Cov!d PCR tests being used to identify “cases” even the WHO say’s tey are not accurate. And this is being used to make policy decisions?

  3. These Biden voters are wild, can you image what the lame stream media would say if they were wearing maga hats?

  4. And there have been nearly 2000 deaths after vacc!nation according to official CDC data, and Europe has stopped AstraZeneca vacc!ne due to vacc!ne deaths in Europe.

  5. Fauci should be named Maytag, he’s so wishy-washy. He know’s slightly more than Bill Gates and neither can be trusted.

  6. Notice how NBC avoids talking about the number of deaths and rather focusing on cases which are both asymptotic and symptomatic! When are you “sheep” going to stand up and protest this garbage which is not based in “science”.

  7. Hmm Florida is the 3rd state to pass 2 million cases. Almost like it’s the 3rd largest 🤔

  8. Trump April 2020, we have the covid completely under control so please vote for me or
    I will whine for months and lie about the election.

  9. Florida and California have nearly the identical number of infections per 100,000 people. California has twice the population of Florida. So, Florida actually has in terms of a percentage twice as many cases as California with half the amount of people. And just wait until spring break is over.

  10. Lol NBC at it again. A few friends of mine work in the ER’s around Miami-Dade and they said all is normal and there is no surge in cases or hospitalizations. So…..where’d ya get those numbers from?

  11. Lmfao
    Most people dont get sic.
    Take vitamin d3, zink daily.
    Fat people should stay home.
    Stop forcing vax.
    Stop masks.

  12. As always, NBC finds 1-2 clips to make Florida look bad but, 99.9% of Spring breakers are just here in FL to get away from the tyranny in their Democrat run States.
    Notice … NBC only shows black people in Miami. Maybe NBC has something against black people ?