Film Theory: Wall-E’s Secret Cannibalism… More Juicy Proof

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About 4 years ago, I released a theory saying that the movie Wall-E was about cannibalism. It was likely what solidified my place as King of Ruining Your Childhood forever. Theorists, today I am doubling down on that theory. The proof is in the pudding, or rather, it is in the cup. Where does the food come from and what is in it? Get ready for another heaping helping of people!

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  1. The original Wall E thumbnail was him holding an arm
    11:54 Now he didn’t s holding a cucumber are a pickle

  2. the elderly people are most likely in a separate part of the ship being taken care of since their elderly

  3. yay another cannibalism and lie from any world from the product that all the people believed to be a truth of their own life but I wanna ask why there are none of the kuru diseases the one from human-specific from mutant abnormal prion? seriously there must be one person having it right? or is it “artificial intelligence” deciding every bit of life?

  4. Theory: Mr.Bean (the classic English comedy show) is a show about a alien trying to learn more about human life. In the start of every episode he gets thrown out of what seems like a ufo. And he doesn’t know basic human speech or the purpose of every day things. How ever he is very resourceful indicting that he knows how to use the objects. Throughout the episodes you see him trying to do every day things like persue a relationship, go to the movies. Get a picture and stuff. I think he is trying to get more info about humans for the aliens. Going back to the ufo at midnight to say what he has gathered and getting dropped down again. And the biggest indicator of this is that at the end, in the Mr. Bean movie he clearly now knows how to speak some languages. How to book a train ticket. And how to use money. He is learning. And throughout his vacation he takes pictures with q camera of stuff we would think weird like a trash can. But too him it’s interesting. (I’m sure if u look more into this you can find more)

  5. Oh and MATPAT how can it be canabilisam if in the trailer of the Axiom ship we hear this line


  6. So we see babies on board at the end right? When the 2 passengers save them from sliding off the ship…how are these people reproducing when they can barely move and don’t even seem to talk to each other?

  7. What if on earth 5 years did really pass but since the space ship was traveling a fraction a speed of light for them it was 700 years

  8. What if they were 3D printing food from molecules harvested from the kuiper belt?

  9. Honestly, the original wall e cannibalism episode was one of my favorites, Happy to see it has a sequel

  10. Most of this theory, if not all of it, can be answered by algae. Occam’s Razor Matt! This theory is plain clickbait

  11. Omg my gut is amazing I always new something was wrong with that movie

  12. Dear Matt Pat, I’ve been theorizing about Spider-Man No Way Home. And yess I know its still a ways off, one thing seems off about it. It has been confirmed that Doctor Octopus and Electro will be in the film. Along with the potential for Norman Osborne, this gives six villains (Vulture and Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Mysterio in Far from Home). I believe this spell the beging of the Sinister Six to face off against Spiderman. But of course, that’s just a theory, a film theory. Thanks for reading