Fact vs. fake – why don’t we trust science any more? | DW Documentary

Asbestos, climate change, 5G, coronavirus – the public is caught in a battle for the truth. Science is being manipulated and undermined to sway opinion and create doubt. What are the mechanisms behind it all?

Never has scientific knowledge seemed so vast, detailed and widely shared. And yet it appears to be increasingly challenged.

It’s no longer surprising to see private corporations put strategies in place to confuse public debate and paralyze political decision-making. Why did it take decades to classify tobacco as harmful? Why do people still deny human involvement in climate change? Overwhelmed by an excess of information, how can we, as citizens, sort out fact from fiction?

One by one, this film dismantles the machinations that aim to turn science against itself. With the help of declassified archives and testimonies from experts, lobbyists and politicians, this investigation plunges us into the science of doubt. Along with a team of experts, including philosophers, economists, cognitive scientists, politicians, and scholars, we explore concrete examples of how doubt can be sown, and try to understand the process.

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  1. Science is science… It’s the Marketers, Salesmen and Politicians who are responsible for lying about, hyping or hiding what the science is or does. It’s not truth in science that’s needed, it’s people telling the truth without an agenda, period.

  2. Warning!: This video contains nano-information that can be activated on a time-phased arrangement by 5g.

  3. Why don’t we trust science any more? The same reason we do not trust old-fashioned News.
    It is because once science and news for the matter was done to be neutral and delivering only confirmed results and truth. Now non of the things are easy to believe as they are controlled by huge interest groups representing $$$ and not for the benefit of society and mankind.

    Just talking about weather is not fully possible with-out some one bringing up global warming or related stuff, being smug about science this and science that when the very same argument can be used in a discussion that the media established science is not proven genuine and above other research that claims to prove the opposite.
    The only difference is that one side is sponsored by the media and the big tech companies and the other side is not.

  4. Since is the search for truth…thats wht i got but what about 5G? How do we know the out come is not being manipulated by big tech companies.. aren’t they new tobacco companies??

  5. John Oliver’s episode on Scientific studies is worth a watch as well. Great content as always DW

  6. “there is unquestionable truths: the earth is round”
    No, it’s not. Do your own research, stop believing everything in textbooks, and turn off your TV.
    Look up for fraudemic in youtube if you seek answers.

    We are Q.

  7. Many constantly search for the truth. But they unknowingly are given options that are tailor made to suit their already acquired position on the subject. Few ppl know how to dig through the jungle of nonsense online in order to gain the knowledge that is genuine truth. The outcome is a world of unconsciously ignorant, and even willfully ignorant humans. Conclusion: humankind is screwed.

  8. Here starts the money flow for this channel. Keep people brainwashed all you want, but what it’s coming, will come for you too… 🙂

  9. As long as there is a profit to be made nothing will be done to save humanity, we deserve to go extinct, one human species two different worlds corporate vs the public

  10. Multi national corporations are running the world, and this is resulting in major health, nature, & climate issues. All in the name of profit.

  11. Cause and effect of a soulless fakeconomic system, soulless leaders = soulless societies, just an observation

  12. Science is funded by the people who have the interest to have all the studies in their favour. We need to talk about it more because ”science” is damaging peoples life more and more with their deceiving studies.