Events and Delegates in C

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What are Events? C Basics
What are Events? C Basics

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C Events and Delegates Made Simple | Mosh
C Events and Delegates Made Simple | Mosh

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  1. Kindly don’t forget to give some real project based examples, why we use this

  2. That’s a great video, please add videos on Azure and .Net Core interview question

  3. Delegates are like hooks exposed by the methods of publisher class, to which subscriber class can hookup its own methods at runtime. And the publisher method executes all the methods attached to the hook. So it gives the subscriber to provide logic of its own choice at runtime.

  4. Please do video on step by step process of publishing code in iis and configure to domain.
    Thanks .

  5. Please do video on publishing asp .net website in iis with mssql server conectivity

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  7. You made my day sir. I have been looking this kind of explanation from past 2 years. You cleared all my doubts with 50min. Video. Thank you sir.

  8. I couldn’t find any better discussion on the internet but this one. C# delegates were very confusing to me as you said, while we can make a direct method call, what’s the logic to make a pointer inside the same class. Now I understand the main reason for delegates. Thanks a lot for creating such an amazing c# resource.

  9. Sir i have no words for thank you because you deserve more than thank you. Salute to you.

  10. Such a great content sir . I was digging out for real example for delegates and it made my day… !!! Great 👍 keep it up.