European travel guide Rick Steves, stuck at home

For four decades Rick Steves has introduced many to the pleasures of international travel, through his popular PBS series, specials and guidebooks. During the pandemic, correspondent Conor Knighton learns, the man who has canvassed Europe’s best- and least-known tourist sites has learned the simple pleasures gained in an unfamiliar destination: his own kitchen.

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  1. Been watching him on TV for 30 years (a teen). Back in 2016 i finally was able to afford his tour to Italy. It was a dream come true. His tours are not cheap but you get an education and he encourages you to explore on your one once the daily tour is done. Once things get better in the world (covid) i plan on taking another of his tours.

  2. I’d suggest he and his staff do tours of local parks an other cool outdoors stuff in Washington, but that state is so left wing they’d probably be shot on site for disobeying the government

  3. Lol honest to God I just thought 2 weeks ago what happened to Rick Steves I love his show. Thank you for clearing this up.

  4. The legend himself inspired me to travel which changed my life forever. I grew up watching him with my mom on Georgia Public Television. At 17 I was off to Europe and hooked for the rest of my life!

  5. I love Rick Steves and enjoy every one of his TV presentations. The life he has created for himself is something I have always dreamed of. But for now I will continue to live life vicariously through him and travel experiences.

  6. I love to watch Rick’s travel shows, but the guy is a total stoner. He has one of the largest grow houses in the state, and that was before it was legal in Washington State. He always had a group of loyal young people working for him because of the fringe(pot) benefits. I’m glad he still pays his employees, I wonder if the travel business is his only income stream?🤔 🚬

  7. He has never cut an onion! Not everyone has a net worth of over 10 million dollars and is lucky to play the piano while others lose their jobs and homes!

  8. Yes, I think that is amazing, first of all that he has so many staff working for him, and that he is still paying them, even though they are not working!!! I guess he’s an awesome guy! Not married?! Thank you, Jane Pauley, and whomever for this nice little video…

  9. I am grateful for PBS I was born in a small town in South Carolina so show like this inspired me to travel outside of my little city and I have plans to move abroad one day soon.

  10. The travel is ok I just like it when Steve’s would go places off and out of the normal tourist path Something to learn from about the lives of others too See their ways of life and maybe just maybe see something we could learn from?