EPIC Marble Race: Marble League 2019 All Events

This video contains all events in full length of the Marble League 2019 (Marble Olympic Games, former MarbleLympics)

Opening Ceremony – 0:00
E1: Underwater Race – 2:45
E2´: Funnel Spin – 8:22
E3: Balancing – 17:42
E4: Gravitrax Slalom – 26:41
E5: 5 Meter Sprint – 32:23
E6: Relay Race – 38:09
E7: Block Pushing – 45:41
E8: Summer Biathalon – 53:01
E9: 5 Meter Hurdles – 1:00:10
E10: Hubelino Maze – 1:05:49
E11: Dirt Race – 1:17:21
E12: Rafting – 1:24:31
E13: Elimination Race – 1:39:17
E14: Surfing – 1:51:34
E15: Collision – 2:02:44
E16: Sand Rally – 2:23:21
Closing Ceremony – 2:27:29
Credits – 2:29:44
Final Standings – 2:30:40

=== Credits: ===
Commentary: Greg Woods
Music: Minos Fylaktos
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  1. He must get millions of likes on subs because of his creativity doing this. So professional like.

  2. No Red #3? Not sure this is even official with no Red #3 involved…Red #3 the GOAT

  3. I’m going to watch this to fall asleep, not because it’s boring (it’s not boring!) but because I don’t want to have nightmares. <3 I love this so much.

  4. that was awesome guys i watched the whole series, it was great. It was very professionally done I can only imagine the effort!