Elon Musk – Education does not work

Hello Guys Its David. In this video Elon Musk talks about education. He gives very details explanation why education does not work and with that Elon proposes his own solution to make education interesting and effective. It is very interesting video so check it out

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  1. They are teaching kids to memorize and store vast amounts of information via rote learning (repetition) – at a time in history where everything is available online – So pretty useless. I’d prefer if they taught kids HOW to learn more efficiently (memory techniques) and how to solve problems in life…
    Also there is a lot of stuff taught that most people never use ever again in their life – so leave that for college, for the ones who make a choice to study in that field.
    Even the more advanced stuff is a waste in most cases…E.g. Basic math is useful, but when is the last time most of us used a quadratic equation to solve a problem?
    Basic history is fine…but do we really need to know the exact date all those different things happened in the past? (in high school we had to learn what year, day, month all the different events of WW1 and WW2 happened. For me, just the start and end year was plenty …plus what events…not the exact dates…waste of time)
    Basic geography is fine but do I really need to know the capital city of every country and the largest lake, highest river and the longest river…nope

  2. If you can lead your life during your tough times I can’t call you a leader anymore but you are a legend -keep going your time will come # TM.

  3. I think Mr. Musk is talking about only genius don’t need university degree or doctor degree that kind of high degree. But all the top company hire people still judge by which school they came from, not judge by their IQ or EQ …if there is a system can know How high is People’s IQ knowledge it will be good to hire some genius when they are young. Nobody know who is the next GENIUS to create something in the future. If we know the kids will be keep in the laboratory to search their brain like alien.

  4. I’m pitching this. A new system using modern technology currently like ML and half days of kids together. Let them also be children. I have ideas

  5. Why? I learn much better if I can ask why and receive the answers. Why did I have to read Tom Sawyer? What was the point? Why did I have to read Cannery Row? What was the big idea of this? The only thing I learned from them was that I hated reading.
    Math: Why am I learning Algebra? What good is it? How am I going to use it in the real world? And Calculus…all classes to teach that seemed to be designed to make students fail. Calculus should be a 2-year study combined with Physics and Engineering. And pre-calculus should be a 2-year study preparing a student specifically and proficiently with all the skills necessary for Calculus. For most people, Algebra and Geometry is all they should ever need…and that should be taught with everyday applications to answer the question…Why?

  6. A gorilla named Koko said through sign language than man is stupid..stupid!. the Bible teaches you the missing piece that explains everything. If we/you worship a spirit creature, that means go find the physical being emitting the spirit is somewhere and will not move from that spot. Stop being lazy and find it.[I’ll take my own advice.] You would think I am a trickster in life. Education doesn’t work. It can. But that isn’t what we are supposed to be doing. Everything is dead wrong. God uses things for what it wasn’t meant for.