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*In today’s video, I want to share how easy it is to participate in the slow fashion movement. I’ll share 7 easy and simple slow fashion hacks for every budget and style, as well as an explanation of slow fashion and what it means to me – essentially, your ultimate GUIDE TO SLOW FASHION. This is a very high level video, and slow fashion is a very nuanced topic – much like its close cousin sustainable fashion. If you’d like to dive deeper, head over to my blog, or leave me a comment with your questions!

On this channel, I share #slowfashion and #sustainablefashion tips that center around how to shop your closet, and restyling pieces you already own. I also spotlight brands that I believe in every now and then. I believe in #creativityoverconsumption, and that we all have the power to be conscious consumers.

Slow fashion looks different for everyone, and I’m so grateful you share this space with me!


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Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Avicii, Robin Schulz, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers Style - Feeling Me 135

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Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Avicii, Robin Schulz, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers Style - Feeling Me 133

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Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Avicii, Robin Schulz, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers Style – Feeling Me 131
Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Avicii, Robin Schulz, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers Style - Feeling Me 131

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  1. Thanks for your cheerful and accessible approach to this topic! I agree that being creative with what you have is not only a fun way to learn about style possibilities but also a way to appreciate and “own” what you’ve bought in a non-judgmental way. I save pictures of my wishlist items on my phone and compare them to what’s in my closet to make sure that the new piece would work with most everything else.

  2. Love all your comments. One that stands out is: buy according to your shape to start defining your style. So true! I now buy high waisted, straight or wide leg pants and shorter jackets (at the waist) some midi skirts. If I don’t know exactly what my style is, I know that I am not boho, nor girly, nor romantic, nor gothic and a mix of the rest depending on my mood. Also yes to taking care of your clothes: I have old pieces (like a few years old!) from H&M and I bought second hand a few Zara pieces that are standing the test of time!

  3. Thank you! Over the years I have cultivated my personal style and sometimes wondered if I was just being stubborn about resisting trends. Your channel has encouraged me in my practices of acquiring, keeping, and caring for garments that suit my personal style. You have also inspired me to be more adventuresome in my styling choices, bringing new life to older pieces. You are a gem.

  4. Alyssa, this was very helpful. The definitions are often interchanged and I was a bit confused so thanks for clarifying. I am excited for the next shop your close event! Not only is it fun but I always learn a lot. Looking forward to it!

  5. Thanks for another informative video! You have raised my awareness so much. I have been shopping/selling second hand on Poshmark for a year now, and I rarely buy anything new any more. When I do, I do so much more mindfully, thanks to you and some other influencers that you have tipped me off to. Cheers!🥂

  6. Thank you so much for all your informative videos. I’ve always shopped with minimalism in mind, but could never walk away from a “deal” which would then sit unworn in my closet because it was such a bargain and I might wear it one day. Now I really critique my purchases and even hear your voice in my head when I’m shopping! I shop mostly consignment and thrift and still enjoy the hunt, but do a lot more “catch and release”! 🙂 Must tell you that I just scored an Isabelle Marant cashmere sweater for “free” as I had a credit at the shop from clothes I’d brought in for consignment after my big purge!! Would never have even noticed it if not for your tutelage about thrifting. I will have to give up a sweater already in my closet to make room for this one, but I can do that easily now. <3

  7. Hello. 😊 This was a very “enlightening” video. I’ve had to learn to purchase according to my needs, rather than just because I have a fondness for a garment. There is so much temptation/triggers to fit in and be liked, or to be like everyone else, it can be difficult to say no. But you learn that triggers are cruel, and meant to manipulate our feelings of inadequacy. Just buying what I need and buying the best quality that I can afford, saves money in the long run. I also feel better about myself for having learned to move beyond the manipulation/triggers by always asking myself if I will wear the garment for many years, and will it add to the happiness in my life.

    Also, second hand buys are a great source of repurposing perfectly good items at bargain prices! 🌸

    Have a wonderful Spring! Hopefully there will be positive changes ahead for us all. 🌼💕😊

  8. What a great video! Very liberating! Struggling with regret over getting rid of stuff I should have kept, and guilt for buying stuff I didn’t need. Self-care, self-respect, self-compassion, I’m learning, are foundational for healing our planet. Any further thoughts that have on this is appreciated, but I love “perfection doesn’t exist” and we are all going to approach this differently but together. 💕✨

  9. I think the time has come full circle. See the beauty in the person…not the clothes

  10. I agree, slow fashion can be very elitist, with women showing only very expensive designer items and claiming they’re helping by not buying a cheaper one. In fact, these $1,000 sweaters, etc., are often gifted by the brand. We, the 99%, need you for a realistic approach, and you always deliver!

  11. One way I maximize my wardrobe is by taking the best care of everything I have. I can’t believe women throw out and replace their white t-shirts every year, mine last 10-20 years of weekly wear, with good stain and yellowing prevention.

  12. Hi Alyssa,
    As you and I have communicated in the post, both our mothers have great closets – I get pieces from my mothers closet and alter them if necessary because she has always bought quality pieces – for instance, I wore a olive green long/midi dress last week that is 20+ years old I got from my Mom – I have two red blazers that my Mom wore to work that I wear as part of our oversized blazer moment with great jeans, etc – Cheers

  13. I’m trying so hard to minimize buying, I have so much already. I had a major failure of willpower during the pandemic, it just felt like getting something new delivered was the only thing to liven up my days and look forward to. Now, I have debt, guilt and so many new things that I forget what I have. For me, I think the best thing is just to keep trying. The only thing I do well is to keep, and wear my things for decades, rather than just landfilling them. Both charity donations and textile recycling are still shut down where I live. It’s a start, anyway.

  14. I wear a lot of white cotton shirts, blouses and t-shirts and pants, so here’s my tip for keeping them white: before washing, turn inside out and spray the underarms, inside collars and cuffs with a stain-removing spray, let sit for 15 – 30” before washing. Then, wash in a load of true whites only, no ivory, cream, beige, colors etc. (I only use white towels, so there’s always some used ones to bulk up these loads). Use the hottest water, detergent and a full scoop of BIZ powder. Agitate for 5 – 10”, then allow to soak for 15 – 30” if they are already stained or grimy, then restart wash cycle. Already stained items can be restored with a half-cup of chlorine bleach instead of the BIZ, but excess use of chlorine bleach actually causes more, not less, yellowing and makes the fibers wear out much more quickly. No more grimy t-shirts and blouses.

  15. Great nuanced explanation of ‘slow fashion’! Thanks as always for your quality content and positive presentation.

  16. My tip – make it your own. I have a beautiful red silk shirt, but found myself not wearing it like I anticipated I would. I was confounded at first because it ticked all the boxes when I purchased it, and I have a pretty solid shopping criteria. Then I realised – the white buttons – I didn’t like the contrast of the white buttons. So I found some buttons that matched the fabric and now it is in rotation. Sometimes you just need to make a small adjustment – change the buttons, tailor the fit, dye it another colour. 🙂

  17. Alyssa, I love your style tips and your focus on caring for our planet! Thanks to your tips, I now shop with a mental wish list, shop resale before retail, and ask how an item will work with my current clothing. Because thrifting is such a fun treasure hunt, I could go overboard. My practice now is to limit myself to the most perfect item in the cart and leave the rest for someone else to enjoy. Thanks!