Does lack of activism hurt Michael Jordan’s legacy? | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Mike Greenberg discuss how Michael Jordan’s lack of activism impacts his legacy following the premiere of Episodes 5 & 6 of “The Last Dance” documentary on MJ and the Chicago Bulls.
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  1. The funny this is Lebron isn’t an activist. Tweeting about something and expressing your opinion is not the definition of being an activist. As animal mother said, “You talk the talk, can you walk the walk?” Until Lebron puts action into the words he speaks he’s another typical person with an opinion.

  2. Max Kellerman finna get shot for calling out Lebron and china on LESPN

  3. Well said. Lebron would have spoken out strongly against Jessie Helms. Jordan is a huge disappointment off the court. Very , very sad.

  4. That is why MJ is the best. Focused on ball, focused on the craft, and didn’t throw an uninformed political opinion around. GOAT

  5. MJ’s activism was letting his legacy as a basketball player inspire generations of athletes and non-athletes around the world to work hard and succeed – this alone is more valuable than any speaking out in public about politics or social issues.

  6. I’m sure every comment on here expressing how Jordan is an athlete and not a politician is from somebody white. 🤔

  7. You all only want Jordan to speak out and be a liberal Democrat. You all would hate Jordan if he endorse Republicans.

  8. Michael Jordan is an intelligent black man. Black people involved in sports, please follow the wisdom of Jordan in abstaining from politics and focuss on your craft.

  9. I’ve never been big on this thing about wanting more pro athletes to
    speak out or take positions on whatever issue. These athletes when they
    do speak out may or may not say things you will agree with. I think
    people who want athletes to be more vocal on social issues say this with
    the idea that these athletes will say things that they will agree with.
    This is why I think Michael Jordan didn’t speak out much because he
    knew he wouldn’t please everybody if he did speak out. Too many are
    going to want Jordan to say what they think he should say on an issue
    and then get upset if he says something different.

  10. MJ refused to speak out against racism in the past. Now that it’s “acceptable” to speak out against racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd because practically everyone in the world is doing it, MJ all of a sudden is speaking out when in the past he vehemently avoided it in order to not bring “controversy” to himself or his brand.

    MJ’s is a joke in that regard.

  11. It’s like we’re discussing “who was better president of U.S? Obama or Clinton?” and then your argument is based on their athleticism.

  12. It’s preserved it not harmed it…….he is as smart off the court as he’s on one……he knows what he stands for and what he means to a lot of people iregardless of the politics……if he gets political he risks loosing fans and I’m proud he’s avoided it…….Also he has a shrewd buisness sense too.

  13. It is funny they try to debate about Michael Jordan’s legacy. He was the greatest player ever to step foot on a basketball court. I am a left person, but this discussion is pointless. You can’t fault someone for wanting to keep their life private.

  14. IMO, the lack of Activism dramatically INCREASES Jordan’s Legacy. As he said in The Last Dance, he was a basketball player. I can’t stand Lebron and his activism. There is NOTHING about a basketball player that should make ANYONE care about their political views. Being good at throwing a ball through a hoop doesn’t make you intelligent or improve your judgement.

  15. Because whatever his political Decision was he would be unpopular depending one’s politica

  16. Social issues are going to vary by decade. In the 50s and 60s you had the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War that some athletes responded to. Today we have questionable police shootings and deaths caught on cell phone cameras that people are reacting to. Jordan was of the 80s and 90s. What was going on in the 80s and 90s that Jordan and other athletes needed to respond to? The only big issue back then was Apartheid in South Africa. Were people expecting Jordan to speak out on Apartheid?