Daily life in Mongolia. The Desert Country How People Live The People

My trip to Mongolia went through the Gobi Desert and off-road to the only city – Ulan Bator and was as extreme as possible. How people live in a country where there are still only 3 asphalt roads throughout the country, many live in the middle of the desert with camels. In order not to freeze in winter, some have to dig homemade artisanal mines, from where they sometimes do not return. Trees in this country hardly grow. I have visited the desert, mine, yurt and the largest city – the capital Ulan Bator.

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  4. kahns army also survived on horse milk… this gave them great range without having to carry as many supplies

  5. gosh, I wish vice and the other channels made documentaries like these again,
    all they are now are just political talks

  6. Your documentaries have opened my eyes. I wasn’t particularly ignorant or had my head I the sand, either. But yours are seriously incredibly informative and a fantastic look at normal life inside these countries. You are doing amazing work man.

  7. I love your “documentaries”, travel shows, so much better than many on youtube thats have alot of people and money behind.
    Vegans dream country.

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  9. Mongolia got nearly no trees and here in Sweden 57% of our country is just a big forest.

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