Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids’ education | The Economist

The pandemic not only disrupted education—it also thrust technology onto a sector which historically has been slow to adopt it. Will classrooms ever be the same again?

00:00 How the pandemic has affected education.
03:08 Why the education sector has been slow to adopt technology.
05:02 Technology helps children have a personalised learning experience.
07:50 How technology can help teachers
09:08 Could remote learning be here to stay?

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  1. Ahhh,
    Those Boring Days!
    When We Used To Go To School….
    Now They Aren’t even a Thing…

  2. Edtech for edteach hmmm once Covid is under control Students will treat The classroom like a cathedral.. right now online learning has its developing new learning syndromes

  3. Education should be about encouraging moderation generally in our human mentality. It will strategically cover the lost economic ground due to natural disasters regularly occurring on Earth.

  4. Yes we have to truly become balanced internally and make sure that we are committed to our goals and to our visions! We have all the power within us! Sending love, happiness and peace to everyone! 🙏

  5. Edtech is new way of bringing education & technology together for transform traditional education system to digital & modern education system. Digital schools have wider scope then old one.

  6. How many children are in process due to online-homeschooling that are being reprogrammed from the brain washing and the socialist agenda… personally I knew it was happening but man I was shocked regarding my 13 yr old.

    Still ongoing the stripping and chipping away regarding the BS!

  7. SAFE and EFFECTIVE?? These vaccines have not undergone INTENSIVE safety monitoring in US. Seriously ?? Shame on you for NOT sharing true FACTS about the so called Covid vaccines!!

    FACT is….if one were to google the vaccine makers’ (J&J, Moderna, & Pfizer) own fact sheets (roughly 4 page documents) to medical providers and consumers, they say MULTIPLE times… “There is NO APPROVED FDA vaccine for Covid. This vaccine has NOT been approved by the FDA. This vaccine may not prevent you from getting Covid’. All of the Covid shots are being ‘authorized’ due to an Emergency Use Authorization”. There is a BIG difference between FDA APPROVED vaccines and ‘authorized’ and people should know that!! Experimental drugs are NOT typically given to people because of the fact they have not been thoroughly tested nor have they been undergone intensive safety monitoring.

    FACT is…. there was very little data on these shots as they skipped the normal five phases of clinical trials. The 100+ page documents, submitted by the manufactures for consideration to be used on humans, can be Googled and read in their entirety. There were few clinical trials conducted yet they were given exemption due to the so-called pandemic. Those manufacturers are exempt from liability! FYI..the estimated completion date for the Pfizer study is January 2023. Moderna’s study is due sometime around Oct 2022. Unfortunately, the study now consists of those who got the shots compared to the control group, those who did not. The ‘experiment’ or study is currently ongoing!!

    VAERS, the reporting system for adverse reactions due to the experimental shots, shows over 12,000 DEATHS in the US and well over 500,000 adverse reactions. There have been roughly 5200 deaths in 20 years from ALL vaccines. Covid shots have exceeded that in seven months!!! If one death out of 10K Covid cases shut down the country, shouldn’t one death out of 10K vaccines shut down the program?? How many deaths and injuries are problematic for you??

    There is no data on the affects on children because the CDC’s own statistics stated children dont need the vaccine because they are in a group that would have a 99.98% SURVIVAL without any treatment! Why would any reasonable person suggest we give an experimental shot to children who are perfectly healthy and have a natural ability to fight off infection??? My child had covid and after three days was fine. Despite your office claiming the virus is ‘deadly and highly contagious’, I did not get it under the same roof.

    Interesting enough, as I went to do my mammogram this year (56 YOA), the doctor asked me if I had had a Covid shot. I said, ‘no, why?’. He said, “we have learned that women, who have had the Covid shot, have to postpone getting mammograms because the lymph nodes in their breast tissue are swollen and produce an inaccurate read”. WHAT!!! I am NOT a doctor but it is NOT normal to have swollen lymph nodes. Doctors detect issues by checking swollen lymph nodes!

    Medical professionals should be telling the public that these drugs are experimental and not FDA approved. You have a fiduciary responsibility to PROTECT people from harm. I sure hope Karma is a real as Covid!