Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on corporations’ role in politics

“We can all probably agree to just acknowledge those problems but we don’t always agree on what the actual solution is to those problems,” Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin when asked about corporations’ role in politics and shaping public policy. “My point of view is that companies today with great intentions can sometimes end up creating division and… unwelcoming environments internally by engaging some of these issues.” To see the full interview with Armstrong sign up for a free trial to CNBC Pro:

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  1. NBC, we dont want you in politics. That is why nobody trust you or big tech. You all side with biden and erase truth from anyone else, and under report facts that make your ‘side’ look bad. Corporations are losing money by being ‘fake woke’ and picking a side. Smart companies stay out of politics, obviously. Grow up Biden fans, you are losing truth of your country.

  2. NBC is holding strong criticism that makes them look immature.. watch they will allow this comment but my 1st comment is erased because I own their video here.

  3. They are holding comments, so pathetic
    The NBC comment moderator is allowing only comemnts that agree, while anyone who proves companies should stay out, they erase that comment and dont allow it to be seen unless you go to ‘sort by new’ so it veils as censored, they are hiding truth with comment modeators now, so pathetic biden / youtube has become to their bias… only catering to their side of news.

  4. Companies know nothing about politics as we have seen lately (points to NBC corporation and friends at CNN) You all failed and looked so bad and biased this week, with your buddy over at twitter who only props up your side also. Grow up.

  5. The people who hate capitalism and think corporations are evil are the same people who are calling for corporations to be more involved in politics.