Chris Hedges “The Politics of Cultural Despair”

Author, activist and dissident Chris Hedges spoke at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy NY on October 16, 2020. In this talk he examines the cultural and social forces that have given rise to extremism in the United States. He explores the myriad of factors that led to the proliferation of neo-fascist militias, extremist organizations, demagogic leaders, vast social divides defined by hate, a hyper nationalism and virulent racism as well as a mass media that has descended into burlesque and fans the flames of social disintegration. Meghan Marohn moderates a Q&A following the talk.

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  1. 16:29 Agree. No difference between Trump and Biden. The corporate takeover is complete. It has only worsened since Chris wrote “Death of the Liberal Class”.

  2. 24:49 ..ok…you praise Anita Hill, but like the rest of the media ignore Tara Reade’s accusation of Biden.

  3. 27:32 – 28:32: alright…that is the Chris I remember who wrote “Death of the Liberal Class”. Clarifying Biden is no better than Trump; if not worse on some fronts.

  4. I fear any politician who says “Only I can fix it”. Not that I would vote for someone who announces their run for President with xenophobia. Put those things together and you are probably looking at a fascist. Add in the rest of his campaign and you know you are. It would be less frightening if he hadn’t become a cult leader. Desperate people are far too vulnerable to that while others simply want permission to indulge in their worst impulses and give vent to their bigotry. Racism and other forms of bigotry become more prevalent when people within a society have been subjected to austerity for too long. The United States, unless we become a social democracy, is ripe for fascism.

  5. At the moment I am most concerned about the people of Yemen and the Palestinians.

  6. Hearing this in March of 2021. He completely predicted the Jan 6th insurrection, we would be wise to heed the rest of his warnings.

  7. One of the most honest and thoughtful speaker/author of today. Something rare and diminishing among American reporters. Thank you Chris Hedges.

  8. We have to change our political arena to work for the people by the people, but to do that we have to seek the truth of the past of how capital system began after the black plague, another way to control the people by money! To put the right people in State & Federal to get our constitution amended where WE THE PEOPLE have more say on how it is all being done, Dose anyone Know About the Mid Evil DAYS where religion ruled over the people, are we going back to that, With These Rich Religions Fascist were they command over all with what they think what it is to be a Christian but they don’t know Christ!

  9. We the people have to take our Government back from the Corporate Capital Money Rule, for the money is the peoples, also we all should have a say on how it is all being used and how it’s being done! Take the cap off of Social Security and people that our rich should not receive it for it was form to help the least of our brothers and sisters, also have another branch of Social Security for our Identity protections and have in the fed & states offices??? And a branch from the IRS to do our taxes from the middle down and have from the higher middle up, the people that will be able to help keep the people that are the richest honest in their doing with the peoples money. That is what the General Will is all about, For the People By the People, also That is what True Democracy is A Way of Governing Where the supreme Power is Vested in the people??? Share with all

  10. What is Hedges going on about? If the Christians really had all this power, he or anyone else wouldn’t be allowed to criticize them all day long. And while I do remember Trump’s fawning devotion to a certain religious group, it wasn’t the Christians.

  11. “ This demoralization of the electorate is by design. In America, we are only permitted to vote against what we hate” he really went in and left no crumbs.

  12. Funny evangelists compare Trump with Cyrus- as Cyrus was the greatest king in Pars- Iran- a country which is one of the sworn enemies of the US politics.

  13. “The prosperity gospel is an ideological cover for the slow motion corporate coup detat”