CES 2021 brings INSANE new VR Technology

Hello and welcome to TUESDAY NEWSDAY! Your number one resource for the entire weeks worth of VR news. This is a special week as its the start of CES or the consumer electronic show that is being held digitally. I have attended most of the events and so far I have been extremely excited about many of the new technologies for VR that have been announced. New headsets, new headset technologies, haptip force feedback gloves and more. That and so much more this week, so I hope you enjoy!

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  2. So basically nothing new worth looking at and facebook still fucking us over.

  3. I’m never buying a product from oculus, no matter how compelling of a deal. I’ll wait for a competitor, even if it has twice the price for the same specs.

  4. I have 4 oculus rift s and 2 quest.
    2 of the rift have been replaced by valve indexes, gotta replace another soon (these are my kids rigs and they do not and will not use Facebook). My rift is fine I have Facebook but don’t use it for anything anymore.
    This VR is getting expensive 😂.

  5. I love VR because… because.. i dont really know why am just interested in it i think its awesome and will be the future gaming and almost everybody will play on vr. i never owned a VR and i wanna buy quest because i dont even have good PC to run games (runs mc on like 50 fps) so i dont thin that i could own a normal VR so i want to buy quest for my birthday but i will be 12 so i still cant use it until next year because the stupid age verification so i dont even know why am i writing this when i cant even play it.

  6. 1:44 This freaking thing costs 600 USD in my country because of MF stupid a$$ customs duty and other taxes.
    It is considered a luxury and taxed accordingly BUT making something cost twice the original price is freaking nuts.

  7. facebook login is definitely going away. I have absolutely no doubt about that. the only reason(s) people buy the quest 2 despite this terrible tactic currently is because apart from the fb login, they make an incredibly cheap product for the amazing specs they offer. currently absolutely number 1 on the market for the price. as soon as the competition stops sitting on their asses, they will lose their market leader position. if the consumer can choose between 2 more or less identical headsets, one with and one without a facebook login requirement, who exactly will still go for the facebook one? exactly, nobody. and since you can play all their games with other headsets too, that also won’t be a factor. the only thing they could really do here is restrict access to their games and truly make them occulus exclusive. otherwise, their 1984 tactics are numbered.

    i am always amazed by the terrible decisions some ceo’s make. this is a complete no-brainer. yes, data is very valuable but they are absolutely gonna lose their position in the market once the competition rolls up. i am so sure of that, i’m gonna bet against facebook on the stock market once I feel the competition has arrived. this could have been an opportunity where they could have moved away from their (deservably) horrible image and become one of or even the best vr company in the world. but no, they rather continue with forcing people to give up their data for the few months / years they have left. i have no idea how some people got into the positions they find themselves in.

  8. Facebook made its money in VR because it was cheap and they were first… once competition comes out they will bend or break.

  9. “It’s like reverse holding of objects” 🙂 Very novel and accurate description!

  10. I think there will be a bit of misconception about the Quest sales, it might be the best selling but all the 5 people i know that has one use it with wireless desktop to play high end games for cheaps mainly, and are not interested in the low graphics games

  11. The gloves are just the start. They cost that because it’s new. I want a entire suit. Lol

  12. Wonder how Raytracing will change VR’s future because I don’t have a home set for my computer (not yet but really thinking about it)

  13. I Will take any competitor to facebook that isn’t a company under a regime currently commiting genocide.