Catholicism and Politics

Friends, with the presidential election around the corner, Brandon Vogt and I consider principles that should inform our voting decisions. We also discuss a recent Pew Research Center report titled “8 facts about Catholics and politics in the U.S” and explore the voting guidance provided by the U.S. bishops through their document, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.”

A listener asks, what can a person of faith do that an atheist can’t do?


“The Word on Fire Bible”:

“8 facts about Catholics and politics in the U.S”:

“Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship”:


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  1. We cannot address any issues if we cannot stand strong on the absolute right to life itself. I’m sorry but compromise on this as completely wrong!

  2. A in depth perspective in catholic teaching. As a long term registered republican, and 1000 percent pro life catholic. This commentary speaks to me to my heart. One key word for me, it’s Prudence. Our Lord has given us the Grace of discernment and Wisdom. So focusing in Prudence, I have to say it’s key for these elections. A manipulating person can temporarily for personal gain do what it appears to be The Right Thing. What else in that person fits the pattern one way of the other, should be an important factor in figuring out what future actions and behaviors to be expected. In using the Grace and Wisdom powered by an intense prayer, a person can put aside the mask, and perceive the truth. Our Lord and everything that truly derives from Him, will be attired in Truth and Love. Satan is the champion of disguise . Prudence asks me to in prayer sift through the words and actions of the person. Wisdom leads me to see beyond the curtains and in prayer and in union with by the Holy Spirit discern who comes from God and what doesn’t. My mother’s words of wisdom , never make deals w the devil, only with God. I strongly believe in placing my heart , actions and decisions at the foot of the Cross, asking a Jesus who should I vote for. This election season, brought to the radical decision to change my party affiliation to now be an independent. My vote is Love and Truth, all the way through. May God Bless the whole world and bless this country as we go through this election season and end division and hate

  3. Catholics are split down the middle because they are still people. Some Catholic churches are in the country and some are in the city. This is the way it is in the general population. The main Church Synod is in big liberal cities so they expect their churches to follow the liberal ways.

  4. Bishop Barron, I agree with you 100% on the balance of left and right but I can disagree with you if I follow the level of sin, for example, abortion is worst than an open border right? I think the reason why we are divided as Catholics is that we don’t call it as it is it’s a kinda marriage for convenience. Maybe we are affraid to lose some of the members. God Bless!

  5. I’m sorry, but you can’t be a CONSISTENT Christian and be on the left. Christianity REQUIRES free will. The left is authoritarian and denies individual free will.

    More government isn’t the answer. Read 1 Samuel chapter 8. God WARNS against government.

  6. Because of my fondness for Bishop Barron, I looked to see what he had to say on Catholics and political choices. Sadly, his response walked a tightrope and was short on convictions. He sounded like someone running for office.
    Abortion is pure EVIL. Period. Anyone who supports policies that facilitate abortion should be excommunicated and NEVER considered worthy of public office by a sincere Catholic/Christian.
    Communism is also pure evil. Our pope is a colossal disappointment. He appears to have more faith in government than in Our Creator. His lack of moral leadership is why our world is ready to descend into darkness. His policies in China and his failure to defend Catholics there is shocking. I could never have imagined he would cede control of the selection of Bishops to the CCP. Why is he relinquishing Church authority in China? I don’t want to speculate, but none of the options that come to mind are good.
    Bishop Barron, you are one of the few decent men remaining in a leadership position in our American Church. People look to you for answers. Please get off of the fence and stop with the Social Justice indoctrination. You have to vocalize priorities. There is no Social Justice for a person who is dismembered prior to birth. There is no Church if a tyrannical government does not allow free worship.
    I know you have a very difficult job. I am praying for you.

  7. Can you elaborate on group sin, please? Where is it in scripture & early Catholic teaching? I was a well cathecized 12-year parochial school attentive student of the Baltimore catechism 50s/60s I do not recall a single mention of group sin. Real presence ? yes. Individual choice? yes. Group condemnation? Not in the New Covenant.

    This ” popularity contest” sin seems like the typical clumsy post-soviet leftist communication control construct (ala Foucault) to rework the definition of guilt to manipulate individual behavior through guilt rationing and granting/withholding virtue approval that they cannot win through normal reason/rationing arguments. These are the same church leftists who conveniently ignore the intrusion and tolerance of open apostasy on sexual and life matters among their clerical and lay partisans.

    I guess it takes all kinds. A tent big enough that believers can stand far apart.

  8. I was raised in the church and in private schools but maybe being honest is how we break down the walls and treating criminals as such is the truth. Stop with the political agenda

  9. You lie speak to me freely without bs. I’m willing to set up a public forum not related to either of us

  10. 1 Corinthians 6:17
    “But anyone united to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.” How come one sprit split into right and left then? One spirit, one choice, isn’t it?

  11. There are some priests that are blatantly expressing their political tendency in the hopes to sway their Catholic audience. Is this reprimand-able?

  12. Well I’ve found way too much politics in churches, so I want to hear what you have to say here, Bishop

  13. That’s kind of what I thought. We follow Jesus, and Jesus wasn’t left or right really.

  14. Lutherans of all types who usually argue over their synods, are arguing about letting Democrats into their churches (like me).

  15. We cant even get US Catholic Bishops t”have a HARD public stance against GAY MARRIAGE, USURY, or JEWISH SUBVERSION of the culture. Cant even get your heads out of your own ass tbh

  16. As an liberal atheist within a predominantly Catholic Texas family, I wish that more of the conversations in my world were as measured and professional as this. Kudos to Barron for his wholistic and inclusive philosophy.

  17. I agree with Father Barron’s explanation of political choices, as I result I am neither one or the other. It was difficult for me to again vote a “split” ticket. I did not want to be placed in a category that I did Not agree with. Thank you for explaining the left and right issues. One of my neighbors just recently was rudely put down because of the way she voted. In the first place it was none of the other persons business. I explained to my neighbor that the person who was so rude did Not have a right to judge her. I would have just answered “how I vote is None of your business”. Judge not lest ye be judged. To me politics has turned into a political arena that goes over board and turned into nothing but fighting. What purpose does that solve? I see this as secular garbage and I quit watching TV news because of it. I have family members that are having to calm down their elderly family members because the media has stirred up so much fear and anger. This may sound stupid to some people, and the first thing I say is tell them to pray. Quit watching those programs and pray. Have a blessed day Father Barron.