Can I make an income as a nonprofit? Q+A My 3 tips Rant style

CAN I MAKE AN INCOME AS A NONPROFIT?//3 TIPS TO MAKE A SALARY!// First off, lets address the time on this video. It’s longer than normal. I went on a bit of a rant when it comes to salaries and nonprofits but I can assure you that there is some good information if you’ve been questioning this decision.

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  1. Thanks so much i am trying to startup a nonprofit books4looks is it possible for u to message me? I would like tpo know where u find sponsors

  2. You were so informative and a great presenter. I wish you the very best in all your nonprofit ventures. I look forward to viewing your links.

  3. Where does this income come from? If you are the Executive Director how much does the organization need to bring in? Is the money coming from donations and or events and grants? How do you have an event to raise money without money? Thanks.

  4. Hey love I just registered a staffing agency targeting ex cons. I want to go nonprofit and need guidance on my next steps any tips ?

  5. I was thinking about what I can do for kids, my wife is a teacher. I was thinking we would have a lot to offer kids. But I would be taking ten steps back and my house I own would be to small. I was thinking then maybe I could do a non profit foster care and possibly start a small ranch and donate the organic beef to the local shelter and maybe do a food stand for the homeless. I just don’t know where to start or how to. Anyone a pro out there ????

  6. Hello I have a ? So if your not getting paid than how are you even sustaining your own life? How are you paying your bills and utilities and car note or rent/mortgage and how are you eating or taking care of your children (if you have any) can someone please explain and thank you

  7. I read that if you are a board member, you can not pay yourself. Also, if you are receiving Grants, you must peruse the grant usage guidelines carefully because some grants specific what the funds can be used for, and some specific that none of the grant funds can not be used for salary. ( A friend used some grant proceeds in an area other than what the grant specified and was fined and had to pay the grant back. I don’t thinks she ever did however, she eventually shut down). I had a nonprofit for about five years, and shut it down because I wasn’t making enough money to pay myself, or run the program.

  8. Thanks for sharing this valuable input. This is great info about understanding how to structure the admin cost.

  9. Awesome video! Thank you. I am curious about something: If I’m able to pay myself and staff what we are worth, then what differences are there in terms of salary, compared to a for profit?

  10. absolute Nightmare!, with a Mission Statement in 2019 Worthy of 17,942.446 in Revenue, 12,586.804 for 7 executive Salaries. 4,901.279 in other compensation. Hum! Client Services is 244.958?, I believe it, I’m washing the dishes with shampoo four other people in the House, plenty of off property Visitors, clients from other houses that should be there!.Staff will not enforce CDCs covid-19 regulations, 4 guys two don’t take showers NO washes their hands ever. Nothing they do nothing.. here are a couple more Office Expenses 704,852, Travel 23,849, Conference meetings 118,000, and Occupancy 704,852. Oh! Other Expenses 136,974. It’s just Incredibles!. 39 people with no Internet, we can’t have the Wi-Fi password. We sign a year lease and have to give 30% of whatever, I’m social security other people are SSI SSD. They can’t even give people a chance to save money for the year they’re here. Something people on GA only get like a hundred and sixty-and have to give up 30% of that. Even before coronavirus don’t have any programs. I seen the medications people are sleeping that’s what they’re doing. Back to work looking for one bedroom and not so good credit.. and there’s almost no Staff, because two clients came down with coronavirus no Counselors,. maybe one so no one’s helping me. So that’s a few Crumbs off my Non-profit Napkin. I should Sue!, theyve violated my Lease, HUD, OSHA I might elderly status .