C Events and Delegates Made Simple | Mosh

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Are you confused about events and delegates in C#? Watch this tutorial and your confusion will be gone in 30 minutes!

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  1. Dude this tutorial is sick, thank you so much. As a less experienced programmer, explaining this programming concept in detail without a heap of jargon made this superrrrr accessible

  2. Damn, you’ve taught this topic in less than 15 minutes and Tim Corey couldn’t even do it in 40 minutes. Honestly, I’m disappointed in how Corey chose to explain this topic and Tim seems like he doesn’t plan his videos, at least when he’s trying to explain a intermediate concept.

  3. Although C#’s way of handling events is clean, I prefer Swift’s delegate pattern where the subscriber sets itself as the delegate of the eventing class so there is no need for the eventing class instance to add subscribers to the event callback list.

  4. A really great video on events in C#. I can now say I understand how events work. Wow, Mosh…excellent teaching!

  5. Mosh I came across this video of Delegates and events yesterday and I’m convinced that you’re a good teacher I’ve a request that if you’ve already recorded a course for C# language for itself then plz give me the link and if not then plz make one and for SQL also

  6. Why is there 1000000000000000000000000000 different ways to do events, that’s such a shit hole

  7. As always Mosh is not world class yet god class to transmit knowledge.
    By 2/3rd of the video I was like : “Cool but that’s a pitty he did not tell about the ready to use EventHandlers”… There was still 1/3rd to watch so I thought maybe it will still be time to tell about it. And yes he did. While I would start from telling about ready to use event handler to later tell about the customisation of both delegates and EventArgs, he did the other way around to have things comply with the history of C#. Very nice.

  8. Love you Mosh. excellent. i’ve purchased many of your videos on your website. no parallels.

  9. This is probably the best tutorial on events and event handlers….all the other’s just whip right through each concept and it’s nearly impossible to follow unless you already understand it…in which case you don’t need the tutorial. You take the time to explain what each thing REALLY IS and the HOW and WHY that thing is important for creating a successful event.

  10. This video mainly explains event. The delegate is only for a complement to the event.

  11. Why does everyone complicate delegates, why don’t you just say that it references a method