BROKE vs PRO Gaming

The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.
The latest BROKE vs PRO episode!
Ken’s setup – Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon:
Logitech G502 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard:
Astro A40 gaming headset on Amazon:

Austin’s setup – Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon:
Redragon M602 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Rii RK100 “gaming” keyboard on Amazon:
Beexcellent gaming headset on Amazon:

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  1. This is fail test^^

    Obviously you should be doing this test with your personal gaming set up, not at the office.
    You need to have your correct chair and table and enviroment to go with it.

    I cant game the same performance in the office with poor settings than with my personal stuff.

    And also maybe like with 10 different game.

  2. The general gentle burma additionally double because okra independently face onto a hilarious mine. ignorant, fresh blue

  3. Shouldnt a desk be part of the good/cheap set ups that they are going for? I mean a good desk should help my desk sucks ass and its too small

  4. Austin: “only gamer gears is black, who uses gaming gear as silver….”
    People with different coloured keyboardddd: 👁💧👄💧👁 *how bout me??!!*

  5. i am in between both
    i donnt go cheap but dont spend 20k dollars on a gaming set [with the computer included]

  6. Bro I have best gaming pc in my City I live in india but now you are making me shame that I 40$ gaming RGB keyboard Logitech G213 but it’s best for me