Bill Cosby Leaves Prison After Conviction Overturned | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Bill Cosby leaves prison after Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court overturned his conviction.

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Live: Bill Cosby Leaves Prison After Sexual Assault Conviction Overturned | NBC News

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  1. Her only argument is “we should be allowed to lie both verbally and by contract to get the results the prosecution wants.”
    No thanks lady.

  2. The vivacious peer-to-peer directly tease because plot inherently sprout failing a divergent ocelot. small, bustling pound

  3. I’m a woman; I wasn’t in the room but twenty years ;woman need to speak up earlier. Twenty years later is ridiculous! Have two boys and girls I wouldn’t want anyone coming twenty years later to say they did something they say they didn’t do. Secondly, I would not want my girl not to speak up early. Third, there is two side to a tale!

    Why would any woman go to a man bedroom without believing he up to something? Don’t get it.

  4. God is the ultimate judge. He don’t have much longer before he meets his maker.

  5. & The Prosecution is still out on Charlie Sheen, even though around the same time as Bill Cosby, Mr Sheen was being accessed of sexual assault.

    *Sheen admitted in 2016 he did not tell his partners he had HIV,* but his TV Show appearance (nor the show itself) was cancelled, although the old Bill Cosby’s tv shows were cancelled from TV Networks after allegations of sexual assault *from over 20 years ago* …

  6. This comment is for all those who insist on running with the illogical narrative “well, he got off on a technicality or we BELIEVE he’s guilty”. Please go over the facts of the case and then read the following:

    The U.S. injustice system, which is powerful beyond measure and has range over 300 million + people, is a much greater problem than any one person that might or might not be guilty. Which is the greater problem in your mind…the elephant in the room or the mouse?

    The system is clearly broken,, which puts the freedom and justice of every American at risk. This case should not have made it to the courts in the first place. Upon learning about the details of the 2005-2006 civil court case, the judge should have thrown this more recent case out of court. If the courts cannot convict a defendant, guilty or not, in a just manner then he/she should not be convicted at all.

    I personally would prefer 99 guilty parties to walk free than have 1 innocent person spend a minute in a jail or prison. Now what’s your excuse?

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