Beyond Greta Thunberg: The uprising of youth climate activists

From the streets to the halls of Congress, young activists are fighting to bring attention to climate change and demanding those in power take notice. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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The Rise of Youth Activism on Social Media | Alex Griffin | TEDxThunderRidgeHS

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  1. I’m a youth climate activist and I love it. Your never to young to make a change✨.

  2. We want to hold people accountable for their pollution, is that so much to ask? We aren’t pissed at you for causing climate change, we are pissed at your inaction. We will speak up and be able to tell our children that we fought. Will you be able to do the same?

  3. Why is there more thumbs down the person all who did that do you care about qtr future or ur kids future! Agree Greta Thunberg shame on you

  4. You need to respect the scientist and yes MOTHER GOD IS SICK AND CRYING Korea my country needs to start right now even though 2 years past I don’t care this is not over people are dying. If you live good you are not okay because of the future go on!

  5. the girls talking about climate change yet theres a plastic bottle on her window

  6. wow these comments are so harsh. these kids are just trying to help the world not die and you all are in the comments telling them that they don’t really care or understand. They do care and they do understand. the like / dislike ratio is unacceptable. You are all terrible people for thinking that these kids just wanted to get out of school.

  7. lmao everyone disliking this because our teachers are telling us to watch this

  8. It is like an open mail to Greta, with the very hard notices about Covid 19 also… IT IS VERY VISIBLE – YOU DO NOT SEE THE VERY SERIOUS NUANCES IN THIS QUESTION BY THE WORLD’S CLIMATE”S…

    Hello, Greta.

    I was in the very serious Your manifestations thinking in 2019… And one of the basic
    thought was such one: trouble’s size can to prove epidemic… Reason could be
    simple – smaller light (no any reflexions from snow etc.…) as the basic reason
    for the bigger various viruses survival… And human’s immunity’s trouble to
    impress a season of defense… Here are important the smells of flowers smells…
    but… To the flowers does necessary light’s season.. SO… Does not important to
    the wet places citizens (who are living in the dark places, the deep water or –
    …in the water’s drainages of cities… VERY BIG SURPRISE – this epidemic already
    started… And delivered this epidemic – the dark places “citizens” (the bats…
    fishes etc.) But is ten other reason of this… AND YOU DO NOT SEE, WHAT THE SLOW
    HABBITS… <<>> It is a specific waters contain, which smell already
    is ammonia and erased rubber’s smell… “SUCH WATER” – IT IS THE BASIC THERMAL
    STORAGE… IT IS The water’s kind, which “construct’s” the basic reason is the
    river’s root’s changing into the very visible (easy for the light’s effects)
    channels, it is Cities water’s drainage with the big number of dolomitic
    (by the cafes, hotels doorsteps… I’ve seen this perfectly) CLEANING ETC. Such Scandinavian
    mass habit (“if so” – in the World everywhere)could be enough to increase the
    World’s temperature in the 8 grades immediately…<<>> O.K.… DO SEE
    (the new big cities with te big shadows explosion)… And You will understand the
    basic reason of extremely smart ecology’s changes since the year 1990… AND… The
    basic their This Covid 19 trouble do appeared THE VERY SIMPLE… When few bats
    from the unexpected The Earlier Viruses Ecology’s places (from the carbon’s factories
    by the Wuhan somewhere… Yeah… Such it is ecology… Carbon, The Lakes with the
    carps etc.) appeared by the people, who are ready “for the new ecology…”
    <<>> Nah… Now – my the basic news to You (like futurologist – I do
    announced this, like additional something to NASA even)… I fully promise Baltic
    Sea’s return to the earlier water’s ecology… Since the next autumn You in Sweden
    even will see this (esp. – in the spring’s and the autumn’s seasons)…

    It is the standard carbonic viruses stream (I can o say places in Lithuania (it is from the lake
    Mastis, from the rivers Saltuona, Sesuvis, Mituva, Venta… this river – the news… in this year Venta will be “The New River”… nah… small gift to Latvia). And with this project
    (nah… his the basic goal – to make the few rivers as the esp. perfect for
    salmon and certain other fishes kind) I started in August of 2019… It is the
    viruses kind, analogous to coronavirus (in the work’s model… such is my
    impression… although principle it is the viruses, which kind appears in the traditionally,
    without the vinegar, picked cucumbers liquid😊 ). You do not will detect them in the light (it usual water’s test
    ceremony… What the view is in the light). SUCH WATER, WITH THE SMART ENERGY’S
    LOOSING IS WORKING LIKE THE AIR HOLES (it was already the very visible effect in this spring due the Curonian Lagoon’s water…

    Big Stress to the clouds, to the their their directions due “SUCH… – the very small” water’s area even)… SO… Be Ready to the temporary troubles (hurricanes
    etc.). After 5 the years (such can be prognosis) – this the viruses cocktail through
    the deep streams under Gulf will appear by USA… WHY I HAD THE WISH TO SAY
    THIS..? Do not believe, if after 10 the years somebody will say, that World’s
    climate was stabilized without efforts… It will be do not truth… Do not worry,
    if do You believe, that it is the very fatal and automatic something… IT IS DO
    NOT THE VERY HARD INFECTION… In the wish To avoid this effect (nah… an example –
    if do You want to stop such viruses in the river Mituva, where I do started
    with this infection in the roots of the river…) – does enough a small contain
    of dolomitic materials… Here again You an o impress – how such ecology in hers
    Natural Case was destroyed (in China – esp. smartly)…

    Good Bye. M. Karalis.

    P.S. Something of this principle is known, like my announcement bout ecology, about fishes habits, in the few Yahoo groups (Yahoo group paganism an example) …in October 2019’th (will be again, when Yahoo groups will work…). If You intrigued in the more – by the video Ancient Cameroon III is my explaining – why people do not impress, how ESPECIALLY EFFECIVELLY to heal Covid 19..?

  9. Why are these comments so negative? The world needs to change and it is a good thing young people are educated about it! Some of these kids/teens are more aware of the situation than adults!

  10. I really feel sorry for these young kids, its so sad.. However this is what you get for giving prizes out for coming last place!! Ask any of these climate change activists, simple basic questions about our planets climate and they have no idea. Here are some of the questions I ask them, when they get all high and mighty about it. Try it, it is fun.

    1.What greenhouse gas is largest in volume in Earths atmosphere? I have not had 1 person actually be able to answer this question correctly, it is hilarious.
    Answer = Water Vapor / Clouds (Approx. 95% of all greenhouse gas present in Earths Atmosphere)

    2. What is the Milankovitch cycle and how does that effect the Earths climate?

    Answer = Eccentricity, Obliquity & Precession effect the average temperature on Earth over long periods of time. Based on real scientific data with accuracy measures in place, this can actually affect Earths temperature by plus or minus 10°C over long periods.

    We are so small us humans, we think we are so big, that is the real climate change issue. If you look up national geographic videos from the 70s & 80s, they were also very concerned with climate change, this was when they had recently confirmed that the Earth had been frozen over multiple times in the past, going back millions of years. They were worried that the Earth would become frozen again. Wouldn’t it be really funny if we actually have to save the planet from being frozen over by pumping millions of tonnes of carbon into the air. The plants would love that……. Not many people know but most plants are actually CO2 deprived and use 3 to 4 times more water in this deprived state. The real issue is pollution and not climate change. Climate change has been occurring for millions of years and will continue to occur for millions of years.

  11. works for postmodernism since kids haven’t learned proper science or disconfirmation. Subjective reality through the lens of ignorance is woke 101.

  12. i do not care about climate change and i’m 14 year old car guy and all my dream cars are those old ones that give out a lot of co2

  13. If they want to save the planet do much why don’t they all plant trees? I mean think about it, think about how much more effective that would be.

  14. How did this get so many dislikes?! The system is rigged. WAKE UP! THE WORLD IS BURNING!!!
    I am ashamed by this comment section.

  15. This is like the Hitler jugend, the Hitler jugend was learned to adore Hitler and kids at school are learned to adore the climate and feel guilty about ‘destroying’ the world