Best ONLINE Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

What fundraising ideas can you try online? Here are 10 of the best I’ve seen. #Nonprofit #Fundraising #Nonprofits

Fundraising for nonprofits is hard, especially during a pandemic. But many are getting creative, moving their normal fundraising efforts online for what you’d call “virtual fundraisers”. In this video I share a handful of some of the best virtual fundraising ideas I’ve seen out there, including one I tried for my own nonprofit organization.

Whether you’re starting a nonprofit or are a seasoned nonprofit fundraiser or other professional, we can learn a lot from these creative fundraiser ideas!


How Successful Nonprofits Fundraise when Starting and Growing

How to Raise Money (based on Psychology!)

Should you start a Nonprofit during a pandemic?


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  1. how to help me my organization please help me fundraising peoples or send me emails I send any document for you

  2. This is great basically our foundation is 1year now and during the pandemic we could hardly get $500 a month to take care of the Less privileged children we profess.
    Would you help us ? We are Based in Nigeria and we appreciate any help we can get now .

  3. Hey amber I need some help here !

    I’m a 11 year old trying to fundraise money for an animal charity in my country. I need a few start up ideas for a kid like me. I will also be working with my friend. Pls reply cus I seriously need help

  4. I don’t have my own fundraiser but I want to raise awareness about the desert locust invasion in Ethiopia northern Tigray in which the Government is doing nothing
    Any one who wants to help pls contact me

  5. I have an non profit organization I work for Bangladeshi people. Could you please help me ??

  6. love these, trying to come up with some fundraising ideas for an ambassador partnership I’m doing with one girl 🙂 these are some really good points

  7. I live in Nepal and a person can get a custom designed T-shirt for $5 and $3 to ship. A person could connect with someone here and when an order comes that person could just contact a T-shirt guy here and have him mail it. There’s a lot of profit like this. It’s my goal to promote Nepal as much as I can. I don’t have a company or anything. I love living here and I just see so much potential.

  8. I have an idea for fundraising. I am retired and live in Nepal. It’s a very poor country, but they have some really great handicrafts. They can make a wool hat and glove set, very soft, that can be used as a fundraiser for the cheerleaders and football teams of high schools and colleges done an the school colors. I actually know a woman with a women’s group that makes things like this and works with people from around the world. The people in Nepal are really poor so buying from Nepal supports people, not sweat shops in China. A person could also find someone in Bangladesh or Malaysia, too.

  9. Thank You, Amber – you’re videos are inspiring! Like a lot of people at this time, my organization is somewhat stagnant I’m going to bring these up w/ my board.