Ben Jerry’s Activism is Anything but Half Baked

While many companies attempt to join the conversation around social justice, Ben & Jerry’s has been leading from the front for over 30 years.

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  1. Nobody in Europe buys Ben&Jerry’s because it’s incredibly overpriced and isn’t that much better than local ice cream.

  2. excuse me this youtube where you
    Bloomberg Quicktake
    am scratching my head how cooperation are not freedom of speech, not justices, not any right left to fight for
    Bloomberg Quicktake you post this here at youtube that is the suspiciously sad lawsuit of google youtube sad
    you news report don’t worry we human can see what going on right > i live in Australia I was born in chile right whats going throw my mind right now is credible

  3. I’ve been making sure to support them and will encourage my family to do so ❤

  4. So many salty comments from people who think you be greedy to run a business everyone.

  5. Awesome, thanks for the video. I’ll never buy Ben & Jerry’s again, i’m not the only one either, go wOkE go broke morons.

  6. I was so surprised when I finally tried Ben and Jerry’s by how chemical it tastes. Great guys though.

  7. -Americans who claim to be struggling
    -Big companies who use slave labor
    -Struggling Americans using slave labor items

  8. Imsginr being a company and have to devote time and money to help peddle in imaginary think like racism im the US

  9. Unilever is evil. Ben and Jerry’s support Israeli settlements. This looks like a long ad for an evil company.

  10. Money talks and the other stuff walks. Let’s squash the blood-thirst police have for black American men – one strike and you lose your job, pension and should it be discovered that previous proclivity existed before taking the oath of service, then those in human resources get the same one strike – no job and no pension. There is no way that all of these cops passed through the hiring process without a clue of their ignorance not being present.

  11. Well. BLM supporters thinks this company supported BLM movement but the truth is they sell words with little bit candies for profit and this is how companies profit from social cases such as human rights, politics and economic events.