Atom: The Illusion Of Reality Jim Al-Khalili | Science Documentary | Reel Truth Science

The final part of Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s documentary series about the basic building block of our universe, the atom.

Al-Khalili explores how studying the atom forced us to rethink the nature of reality itself, encountering ideas that seem like they are from science fiction but in fact are a central part of modern science. He discovers that there might be parallel universes in which different versions of us exist and finds out that empty space is not empty at all, but seething with activity.

The world we think we know – the solid, reassuring world of our senses – turns out to be a tiny sliver of an infinitely weirder and more wonderful universe than we had ever conceived in our wildest fantasies.

The story of the discovery that everything is made from atoms, one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in history, and the brilliant minds behind it.

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  1. Professor Jim Al-Khalili does not seem to realise that “a literal quantum leap” is the smallest possible change, not a big one. That mis-use of the term is annoying from a layman. It is unacceptable from a professor trying to explain the fundamentals of physics.

  2. Don’t try to understand it, just trust me; I’m a scientist… Next stop – Electric Universe theory and the Safire Project

  3. So how did an anti particle make tracks in a cloud chamber without being destroyed? Horse pucky

  4. I have no clue what he’s talking about but he makes it so satisfying to listen to!

  5. Wonderful Jim. Ghastly sound track!! Why? It drowns out what he’s saying! Horrid noise!

  6. Shelter Island is off the coast of Long Island NY.The conference Bohr attended was the Pocono Conference.Someone should proofread for this man before he embarrasses himself.

  7. I made 12 million dollars on GameStop and these guys won’t make that in 10, cruel world

  8. So there is nothing called Vacuum in this universe. The word should be taken out of dictionary.

  9. How can we comprehend infinity using a finite formula? Isn’t human knowledge finite?

  10. Just wasted my time finding out what I already knew….science really knows nothing yet.!!

  11. Few people realize that healthy sexual gratification is directly linked to intelligence. Sexual activity sends vital oxygen to the brain, and stimulates both comprehension, and the process of imagination.

  12. I usually loose the thread after just 2 opening sentences when it comes to acience but keep watching till the end of pure fascination.

  13. You need a dictionary just because we gaseous doesn’t mean why not real.
    I am every single bit as real after listening to your nonsense has I was before I listen to it.
    If you cut me do I not bleed?