ARY News Headlines | 9 AM | 20 March 2021

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-Major reshuffle made in Punjab bureaucracy, commissioner Lahore replaced

-Pakistan to continue playing reconciliatory role in Afghan peace process: FM Qureshi

-Major reasons behind split within PDM surface

-Lahore jail authorities alarmed as 14 inmates test Covid positive

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  1. ریٹنگ بڑھانے کے لئے نیوز چینلز ہر حد تک جاتے اےاروائی نیوز والو تمھیں آحمدیوں کی مساجد کو نقصان پہنچانے والوں اور کلمہ طیبہ مٹانے جانے کی خبر دیتے ھوئے آپ لوگوں کو شرم آتی ھے اسی کو زرد صحافت کہا جاتاھے

  2. Minorities in Pakistan are second class citizens… No representation in parliament… No representation in TV show… Can’t move freely with their traditional dress… All Minorities worship places are in very bad condition… They are made to lose their cultural and religious identities… They have no choice but to live in accordance with majority religion… This is the true picture of Pakistan…

  3. Ashan iqbal who tumhari baap ka paisa tha jis say malakand unvty bana rahy thy govt exchequer tha

  4. یہ میڈیا والے کنجر زیادتی والی خبروں کو خوب مرچ مصالحہ لگا کر بتاتے ہیں

  5. فیصلہ آنا اچھی بات تو ہے لیکن کافی نہی، اصل انصاف دینا ہے تو مجرمان کو جلد از جلد تختہ دار پر لٹکانہ ہو گا

  6. Achieved & earned Championships of ‘IKCA’, ‘World Cup’ & became Prime Minister of Pakistan already. Now!!!
    ‘’Aouzo Bil’lahey Minash-Shaeytan-ir-Rajeem’’. <> Allah-o-Akbar<>
    !!Koee Qabil Ho Tau Hum Shan-e-Kaee Deyte Hai’n; !!Dhoondne Walo’n Ko Dunnya Bhi Naee Deyte Haey’n! <>
    (1) The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP): Announced official results (PTI) party as the single largest party ‘Elected’ in ‘Pakistan General Elections 2018’. Pakistan’s Parliament ‘elected’ Imran Khan as the Prime Minister after his party swept the general election. He then formed the government with the support of his coalition allies. (2). Pakistan’s ruling party Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by Prime Minister Imran Khan won the highest number of seats in the Senate polls held on 3rd March 2021. (3) Pakistan PM Imran Khan wins vote of confidence in the Parliament on 06.03.2021. His allies renew vow to ‘’stand by Imran Khan’s govt through thick and thin’’. && The Parliament reaffirmed its confidence in PM Imran Khan. <> Masha-Allah PM/Captain Imran Khan has won the ‘Pakistani Peoples Championship’ with ‘flying colours’. !!! Allah-o-Qismat ‘Haq Aur Sach’ Kay Sath Haey Jalne Waley Jala Karaey’n.

  7. آج تک کسی حکمران نے پاکستان کو اتنا نہیں لوٹا جتنا یہ حکومت لوٹ رہی ہے شرم نہیں آتی کہ عمران خان کو اور اس کے وزراء کو جھوٹ بولتے ہوئے کہ پاکستان ترقی کر رہا ہے یہ ترقی کر رہا ہے یا گھڑے میں جارہا ہے

  8. کب تک عوام کا خون چوسنے والوں کی خیرات پر پلتے رھوگے