Anti-Gravity Technology Hidden in Nature – Viktor Grebennikov

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For generations, humans have been on a quest to understand the mysteries of hyperdimensional physics and unlock the secrets of anti-gravity. Many scientists consider anti-gravitational technology to be the Holy Grail of the 21st century – a single technology that will completely change human civilization and bring about a new age on Earth and beyond.
That such technology is possible is backed up by the countless UFO videos and sightings all around the world. Recently, even the United States Navy released mysterious footage of a UFO encountered by navy pilots.
According to the data, NASA began its work on anti-gravity technology in 1992. They believed that a device built around a superconductor and a magnet could shield an object from gravity. Declassified documents, however, indicate that the United States started their anti-gravity research much earlier, as far back as the 1950s. Many believe that after the infamous Roswell UFO crash in 1947, the US government started spending billions of dollars on reverse-engineering extra-terrestrial technology.

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  2. Totally Wrong! The toxic nuclear energy that the Elites are SELLING to the public will cause a planet-destroying disaster in the next decade. The ELITES will be the only people with access to anti-gravity & Tesla’s free energy technology that can help them, & ONLY them escape the impending disaster THEY created through their self-serving GREED.

  3. Ancient people and the offspring of the fallen angels were million times more advanced then humans, that’s why The Creator decided to exterminate them.
    The Babel Tower for example was not a physical tower that was meant to reach out the heavens like brainwashing lying history books tell the indoctrinated sheep, it was actually a dimensional portal from Earth to Heaven, that’s how advanced they were.
    It’s better for many technologies to remain hidden, because everytime humans discovered something, later it was always used for evil and wicked things.

  4. I have profe that Ancient people was Advance then today People
    If you need Profe I’m giving the link in Comments ❤️🇮🇳

  5. These dogs from government places will pay one Day for silencing Great people like grevenecoph who break barriers with there inventions but are dismissed by the powers at the time.
    (sorry for the spelling of his name)
    Aussie Chrisso 🤬

  6. So, “UFO”s are “Proof” that anti-gravity technology exists, are they? What “UFO”s would that be? The “unidentified” ones? Lol! What a load of codswallop.

  7. To believe the claim that Victor Grebennikov “invented an anti gravity machine” by sticking bug shells on a bit of wood, requires a really special type of gullibility! Lol!

  8. It was a German pilot according to history Hitler had bounced to his secret layer in Antarctica after war created flying object than when us found out we went there and some general got his ASS handed to Him by flying objects with swastikas on the side ……lots of secrets lots of lies America has the 🎥 industry is in the know they sometimes on the low show some new tech before its out

  9. Sigurno je bez ikakve sumnje d Gosp. Grebenikov jeste naisao na prirodni fenomen antigravitacionog slucaja kod opnokrilaca.Stari egipčani,raditelji piramida su poznavali tu osobinu nekih opnokrilaca,a naročito Skarabeja,za koji glupi naučnici su mislili da su taj insekt egipčani obožavali i da su ga na toliko mjesta ovjekovečili nasvojim slikarijama sirom stare egiptske kulture.Egipčani su imali strojeve koji su potpuno funlcionirali na principu koji je opisa Gosp. Grebenikov i sa tim strojevima su oni dizali i najteže djlove kamenih struktura u tim drevnim gradjevinama.Otkriče Gosp.Grebenikova je zataskano od starane strucnjaka iz te oblasti znanosti iz prostog razloga sto je več bilo i držalo se u tajnosti otkriće antigravitacioni strjeva.Rusija a i Amerika sigurno ih posjeduju i vjeruju da samo oni to posjeduju kako Rusi tako i Amerikanci. To se nesmije pustiti u masovnu upotrebu jer bi napravilo strahovitu tehnološku revoluciju koja bi iz razloga pojeftinjenje i lakoče življenja eliminisala sadašnje bogataše svjeta i došlo bi i možda ćak i do vjerske religiozne revolucije što bi zasigurno imalo teške posljedoice za ljude na Zemlji.Svakako da će u budučnosti to biti u masovnojupotrebi,ali još je prerano za takav korak.

  10. lol you just copied ”Viktor Grebennikov Anti Gravity Levitation” and made a 5 minute video 20 minutes, and also total bs where is the replication ?

  11. Cool Kodak magical everyone Tesla antigravity spacecraft Ronald Reagan star wars program force shields force fields guy Cramer hyper stealth Corp bending light invisibility nano bots metamaterial

  12. As God says knowledge will increase children getting smarter way early than ever before all things automatic

  13. Antigravity works best with sugar and cinnamon, and a little less with Curry and Chili.

  14. Lesson learned… when you discover anything of real value….. don’t share it with the government.
    He could of released his information to humanity, just like Ed Leed Skalnin, Joe with the ‘joecell’, but failed. People are selfish, that’s all.

  15. it’s fun watching how the American military in this case try and claim patents on derivatives of British & French inventions.
    fun fact, when the British invented the microwave emitter for the war , they documented everything so American scientists could re-create it on mass, alas even with full instructions so they didn’t need to do the usual back engineering, the American scientists still couldn’t understand how it actually worked at first. lol they throw cash at it rather than just ask the inventor then patent it as ‘first’, the ‘red’ one invented here…

    lol the patented so called ‘inertial mass reduction device’ is no more “mass reduction” than a bad interpretation of UK linear motor inventor ‘Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism – 1968’ and his related ‘magnetic river’ linear motor inventions, and how a aluminium ball levitates stably Only when you place it in *two counter rotating traveling electromagnetic fields etc,
    and how he makes use of ‘the upward sweeping something’ only when he puts and uses ( not really) non magnetic metals , or how he could make use of positive and so called ( not really) negative differentials at ends of conductors/tubes etc

    * i guess practically speaking that will be useful when we make space bullet train devices that want to use the inter connected inter galactic massively electromagnetic moving birkeland currents as so called ‘Eric Laithwaite magnetic river’ linear tram lines, although i suspect its only a one way trip ^_~