Animal Crossing New Horizons ANNIVERSARY UPDATE REVEALED New Features, Events, Design Slots, Items

A guide to the ACNH Anniversary Update details confirmed, including new Events & Features.

Today we take a look at the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons news, and breakdown everything revealed in Nintendo’s latest news report.
We highlight all the new content, including new Villagers, Events, Seasonal Items and even new features, that will all come to New Horizons in the next update.
It has been confirmed that this Sanrio (or March) update will coincide with the 1st Anniversary of New Horizons, and bring even more features to the game.
We bring the video to a close by taking a look at Bunny Day 2021, which is the first returning main Event of New Horizons since launch.
Fortunately the Event itself has been refreshed, so even players who have been playing from launch will enjoy the Event the second time around.
Are you more excited for Sanrio villagers? Or are you hyped for more Design Slots? Let us know 🥰

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Sources/Credits/Further Reading:
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Special thanks to all data-mines, artists and influencers for sharing their findings with the community.

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  2. Design…I’m very excited. I haven’t played in a while, and this will bring me back. I know it’s asking too much, but I wish they’d do something more with the islands you can visit. That would be awesome to refresh these!

  3. 1 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooo….. we got….. a cake…… no new house upgrades, no nooks cranny upgrades…. is this an out of seasons april fools joke?

  4. I would love to see like maybe 2-3 fortune cookies ( same rotation of the same items offered in pocket camp) in rotation in the switch shop. Even if they charged real currency for them. I would pay for them on a regular basis whenever they had a set i like. The items in NH are just tired and old. The same stuff drops from balloons and recipes are hard to come by. Pocket camp has a ton of amazing items. They kept so many sets out of ACNH from past games. The rococco series for example. I don’t know. I just think ACNH is capable of a lot more variety. Besides the developers would make money and fans would get more of a variety of things they love. I’m very disappointed that so much of an emphasis of top premium items have been dumped into a mobile game rather than the actual game. I mean they have a castle in pocket camp for crying out loud! It just seems backwards. Thank you for the update.

  5. Hey, when do the sanrio amiibos drop? I went to target yesterday and no one even knew what I was talking about 😅

  6. I just want to use things and like play with my villagers like hide and seek or on the playground or the ping pong table

  7. Does anyone know how to see your face through the hole behind the standee like the thumb nail? Everytime I try and move the camera to even change angles, it cuts off my face like Im
    Too tall