Analog Hygrometers – how?

It’s a simple one this time. Simple! Simple!

So simple, even, that this descriptions is mostly blank. But here’s the usual links ‘n stuff.
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Ye Kha Aagye ? 😍 New Thar leke
Ye Kha Aagye ? 😍 New Thar leke

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  1. I ran some basic tests on the hygrometers to see if the linear scaling would be a problem. A link at the end takes you to a Twitter thread with pictures. The result was… mixed. It seems clear that the high end humidities are never attainable on the Taylor model nor the clock. They don’t seem capable of reading past 80%. However, on the low end they were in better agreement with the other models.
    It may be that the linear-scale hygrometers are built so that they behave more linearly but I’m personally doubtful of that. I would personally avoid dial-hygrometers with linear scales.

  2. On the conversion thing: if we are watching on our mobiles (like most of the time), opening google to convert involves pausing the video and changing apps… This may lead to not returning to the video afterwards.

    If you put proper units on screen, the viewer stays longer 😉

  3. guys, the fight between Fahrenheit vs Celsius is dumb.

  4. I’m here to watch the madman go OFF on pedants. and to learn things, too, yeah. but GO OFF ON ‘EM BAYBEE.

  5. y dosint my weewee moov wen i toush id? dud i mayk te wodder to salddy ir did i cud dit of to showrt ? pleese hepl e loosing alod offbllod

  6. To be fair, when it comes to things like these it doesn’t really matter how accurate they are, or what the number actually is, or even what system of units it uses. You could just use symbols. What matters is being able to compare one day to the next, to see temperatures or humidity rising and falling, to see a reading and know that things are comfortable or not.
    My old thermostat would read 25C when it was actually 18C, that didn’t matter that the number wasn’t right because I just set it to a level that was comfortable and it did its job at maintaining that temperature.

  7. I really enjoy listening to you rant about the same things that I rant to people about. It’s a bit frightening how much we think alike.

  8. I mean when I watch a video that uses metric I do what you said…just look it up. Windows 10 calculator also has a converter built in. Maybe you should do a snark filled video about Fahrenheit? Great video. Thank you sir. Always informative.

  9. everything is simple until you dive in to it. Then you learn that there is a entire world build around said simple thing you can go in deeper and deeper and deeper. Just knowing that there is a door convention is enough to know there is always a rabbit hole.

  10. After watching 70% of his videos, and enjoying all of the ones I’ve seen.

    I’m getting excited every time I see a new one pop up I have realized today in this moment as I write this comment using talk to text, I was not subscribed.

    I have remedied this. Hopefully I now become part of the notification squad.