America’s Broken Education System

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RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms

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  1. The American education system in a nutshell:

    Student: How do I get a good job and pay my taxes?

    School: Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

    Student: Understandable, have a nice day.

  2. I love this video can you talk about how special education is broken because i was in special ed and they dont help they just give out the same thing

  3. I have 4 learning disabilities and fine/gross motor dysfunction due to the 3 and a half years of chemo treatments I received as a child to treat leukemia. In 4th grade (and 1st full year off chemo) my parents were told I would never graduate from high school. When my mom brought up an out-of-district school, the public schools didn’t want to pay for me to go there. After a two year court battle I was able to attend that school for kids with learning disabilities. Today I am working at that same school as a teacher’s aide. Why are there so many roadblocks for parents of disabled children and getting them a proper education?

  4. Watching this while doing math homework because my entire life’s on the line after tomorrow
    (last chance to turn stuff in for the current quarter)
    I don’t even know what to do because my teacher never reads his emails. I asked for help before and he never responds. He’s super condescending so I don’t want to go on the zoom help meetings.
    god somebody just either kill me or get me out of this place right now.

  5. The wary teller univariately agree because period sequently scream to a voiceless specialist. light, automatic celeste

  6. Your video spits in the face of every public school teacher. Public school teachers are under paid, yet expected to shoulder the social burdens of our society. Administrators force teachers to focus more on testing than on teaching. Im really disappointed by the lack of research done in this video. You barely touch on the challenges facing our schools, teachers, and children before throwing all of it under the bus. You mention private schools, but fail to mention how Congress has funneled money out of public and into private education because it benefited Betsy De Vos and friends. I know you can’t cover everything, but you missed some of the most important challenges facing education. Truly disappointing.

  7. School is just aggrivating cause i have to go out my way to learn shit like taxes and how to make a resume instead of tthem actually telling me im near the end of my high school journey and my thoughts is that 85% is useless shit u could have learned if u wanted to 15% will benefit you greatly like math history and grammar is great to know but science and knowing who found the atom is something i dont ever see using.
    What really made me say i hate school is how they push u to be something u dont wanna be

    So much they push this COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE mentality and im not saying college is bad but i am saying they force a idea onto u rather than let u be You ik for a fact i dont enjoy being basic and boring i wanna be me and have a job that allows me to have freedom and my own individuality so i chose to pursue art and being a youtuber

    What does school teach me to help me?

    Not much they do this i feel reverse psychology esc thing were they make it seem like ur choice to do this or that but it isnt really.

    This is my experience and just me not saying all of school is bad i met some cool ppl and found myself tbh but it did bring many issues onto me like being dumb on common sense and being oblivious to so much shit till way later.

  8. Me: How do I do taxes, raise a family, and earn enough money to put food on the table?
    School: baRiUm iS a ChEmiCaL eLeMenT wiTH tHE sYMboL Ba aND atOMic nUMbeR 56.

  9. me listening to this wihile doing schoolwork that does not help me at all

    “oh yeah” “mhm” “ohhhhhh that makes sense”

  10. School is supposed to be teaching kids so they are equipped for the future but its pretty much just figuring out which kids know the most and discarding the ones who know the least. They just find which pawns of theirs have the “purest minds” and send them off to nice schools and take the ones with the “weakest minds” and say “sucks for you, but it aint my problem”

  11. Life-long homeschooler here. Homeschooling is great when done properly, but is often a playground for neglect, abuse, religious fundamentalism, and mediocrity. There needs to be more education for and oversight of homeschooling parents.

  12. Bro, YouTube sucks now. I say change things now. Elementary is fine. Teach the basic reading and writing. Middle school should be all about curricular activities such as learning to swim or playing a music instrument or etc. Things they want to do and high school should be all about life. How to pay taxes, first aid and all that adult crap. I learned these things after I left my home at 19 and boy it hit me the hard way. College is just stupid. It’s only for profits and cults. I doubt things will ever change since America is slowly turning communist. I also say parents should homeschool after kids hit middle school, but hey what do I know.

  13. After your thoughtful takes on MLMs, cults, and grifting I was appalled to hear you champion homeschooling and private schools. Those are some of the places that fundamentalism thrives and abuse of children is rampant.
    The focus on tests at a national level is awful, but letting taxpayer dollars go to religious institutions isn’t remotely a solution for it.

  14. The key is all citizens taking an active role in society’s children. Show up at school board meetings, fight for student rights, listen to teachers who are actually teaching, etc. Make change happen, don’t wait until you have kids to care, don’t stop caring after your kids graduate the system.

    Also as a homeschool family we spend 90% learning with our kids. The adults in my household are products of the public school system, we saw first hand the system fail. Now we are working to better our kids and the kids in our society by taking an active role for all students.

  15. Me: How do I write a Job resumé?
    School: This is what a cumulonimbus cloud looks like: ☁️
    Me: *When will I use this in the real world?*

  16. Max Plank would love this. So many of you joke about learning what a mithochondira is but let’s be real…do you really know why a mithochondira is needed? Why does the cell need energy? Why do we need to live? Why does life exist? Why does the universe exist? There is always a deeper level and school can only scratch the surface. YOU have to take the plunge amd learn to be self taught.