All My Pets 2021 | 160+ Pets

Finally! Meet all the current animals living at my farm – Wild Things Sanctuary, Inc, a 501(c) animal sanctuary.

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  1. hi i have bin looking for a dog for a wile the dog you want to sell i want it i have no other pets its ok that he is a little mean its kinda a chaling

  2. Amazing effort. I’m very curious as to how do you finance this whole thing? I’m sure daily food would cost a lot so what do you do to make the money to feed / medicate etc all of these animals and yourself?

    I would appreciate your feedback very much.

    Thanks for sharing ☺️

  3. I love you thank u for a other all my pets videos I love all your videos and I really enjoy your all my pets videos

  4. It’s amazing she has this many pets but how she can take good care of them while remembering there names and there stories.

  5. It’s sad how many people are not responsible and don’t properly research before getting a pet and just don’t consider what goes in to taking care of them 😢 I would love to get a snake one day but am not in any rush as I’ve never owned a snake and want to make sure I educate myself first as that’s what everyone should do! But I absolutely applaud you for what you do, you’re truly inspirational ❤️❤️

  6. I am soooooooooooo jealous I love goats I really want at least one bird I love horses

  7. I glad to see your all pets specially ur dogs and birds 😍 God bless u and ur pets always and forever ameen 🤩🤗

  8. I love that you rescue animals and let people know thats its ok to re home pets if you need to !