Alaska summit: US and China trade barbs in heated exchange | DW News

Top US and Chinese officials have met face-to-face for the first time since President Joe Biden took office. The customary diplomatic pleasantries were quickly thrown aside. The two powers launched into scathing indictments, calling each side’s national character into question. Among the issues brought up in the in Alaska meetings were human rights, the coronavirus pandemic, and China’s military build-up in the South China sea.
From the very start, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wasted no time in calling out the Chinese delegation. But China wasn’t having any of it. Chinese Communist Party foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi fired back by questioning America’s status as a leader on the global stage.


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  1. I think these journalist and politic analyst always follow one important rule: every statement they have made is based on “their order and their definition” (from G7) and NOT the history itself. They define history and they define what is fact and what is not and analyze or debate based on what they defined (example, they claim Taiwan is not part of China, but what is the truth? How can one define? From western media view? From G7? or from history? Which history?) If these are continued, I can hardly see any credibility from these media.

  2. I see that Jessica Berlin is being biased by saying the Trump administration in the last four years let issues go out of control. China has been aggressive since Obama’s administration. Remember how China did not give a red carpet welcome to Pres. Obama when he arrived in Beijing for the G20 Summit. Biden is not drawing any new lines, he is just continuing the same tone as his predecessor. The media must stop selling the same wine in different bottles.

  3. China is a threat to the world as any authoritarian regime has been. But US approach to take on the inflated dragon is not winning any votes either. US need to devise a long term plan to counter the threat quad is a good initiative in the right direction.

  4. ask reporter to leave, so they can hide truth as they use to, keep fooling their people

  5. World’s #1 bully talking with world’s #1 hypocrite. No outcome is to be expected.

  6. US is weak as piss now. With their president they’re the laughing stock of the world.. lol too busy worried about transgender equality right now hahaha no offence…

  7. china is not bothered about the US rehtoric because Chinas economic might is now bigger and more far reaching the the usa….

  8. China is not a ‘rising’ global power. it has risen. wake up to the reality of 2021

  9. USA is a pretty good bully. USA kills people every day in the middle east. death from the skies with drone strikes on ‘enemy compattants’ by dropping a bomb on them in their homes. No judge, no jury, just blow them up with their friends and family. This happens every day!

  10. For china…. India is sufficient…. forget about usa.. usa will be too much for china…china is internally weak.

  11. China: Mind your own business.
    U.S.: No, I will bully you just like what I did to Iraq and Afghanistan.
    China: Go on, I dare you.

  12. I saw a picture of travellers on a CRH train in China, watching the video of this meeting and none of them making any noise.
    Do not, ever, underestimate the unity of the Chinese people and the power of China.
    The U.S. is only one of the many, many competitors of China in history. China has seen so many superpowers rising and collapsing, and now, it time for China to retake its place in the world.🇨🇳

  13. If U want to trade and cooperate for common interests, China will show nothing but hospitality.
    However, the show-off of military force may be effective to South Korea, or Japan, and many other countries that lack backbones. Sadly, China🇨🇳 is NOT ON THE LIST!

  14. US loves to nose on other people business ” xinjiang, Hongkong , Taiwan….” and love to lecture “human rights” ! I just can’t breath !!!

  15. Why nobody is talking about how ugyher women are being Sterilised and raped and having their children sent to orphanage in china🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  16. Yup take Trump out and then re make de deals that will give China whatever they want. . I think even democrats will end up crying to rush Trump back in power he was the only one who could put this tyrant in place