5 Mysterious Anomalies Individuals That Science Can’t Explain

5 mysterious anomalies & individuals that science can’t explain. Today, we take a look at these 5 mysterious anomalies & individuals that science can’t explain.

Over the years, mysterious anomalies and individuals have made the themselves known and its led to some interesting discoveries. Some from some mysterious anomalies discovered in nature, do a mysterious individual that confused many people, we take a look at these 5 mysterious anomalies and individuals that science can’t explain.

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  1. At 14 minutes in : (Seeing strange lights in the sky just before an earthquake happens);…
    “CAN YOU”-(say HARRP
    OR DARPA)?? MAn made microwave technology bouncing those microwaves off of the Ionisphere/,..(the dome),…(the Van Allen
    Radiation Belt),..(that the govern’d mental’ist’ssss
    have been blasting with nuclear (war,…heads),…
    since (operation fish bowl)??????

  2. (The Pentagon is the inner lines of a Pentagram and)-(THE IN’
    (fizzzz’ic’ally dissss’cuss’d)!! 🗣🙇‍♂️👻
    Eisenhower didn’t go along with Val Valiant
    Thor’s recomendations because it would have an (impact on) the current’(see) and E’(CON)’OM’ic Foruhm
    And where it wants to drive THE IN’HABIT’
    (tents) WHOM ARE IN
    (this world)-(BUT NOT OF)-(it,…for all two very long)!!
    From : (point’dead)-
    (SPIRIT’U’ALL MARKS IN)-(all the mire and ire of pole’IT’ic’ALL Sat’
    (Tyre)!! 🗣🙇‍♂️🥱👻👀

  3. Claims that Val’s intentions were sinister in nature because Eisenhower was being advised by the bankers that the E’(CON)’O’me would be dissss’rupt’dead by giving (FREE POWER TO ALL SPIRIT’U’ALL PEOPLE THAT HALVE)-
    (the fizzzz’ic’all peep’holes two see and hear and smell and speak with);…(Ssss’well
    those leading peep’holes saw (and thought??) fit to claim that Val was uh
    spy,…trying to harm the
    E’(CON)’O’me by providing (FREE ENERGY AND HEALING);…(ssss’
    witch the govern’d mental’ist’ssss ass’zoom
    is uh bad thing)!!
    Woe (two those who call)-(GOOD,…EEEE’ville,..
    AND EEEE’ville GOOD)!!🗣🙇‍♂️🥱👻👀
    (CAN YOU)-(say : operation Paper Clip)??
    THE WORD SCIENTIAL MEANS)-(two know)??
    NASA IN)-(Hebrew),..
    (MEANS : two decieve)?!
    Van Allen Belt.
    The Dome,…The Radiation Belt,…
    The Firmament????
    Hillary Clinton stated many times that our
    Mili’(tare)’EEEE has been
    (Bomb)’barding it with
    alot of nuclear (war,…
    Heads),…since operation
    Fish Bowl began!
    (((ITS HIGH TIME)))-
    (two start)-(THINKING
    OUT SIDE OF)-(the fizzzz’
    ic’all box’say’ssss)!!

  4. So we got an offer of assistance from an advanced species looking to escape a doomed planet and in response the U.S. government locked him up and tried to control him and then pet each other on the back when they are able to turn him hostile. They all Probably escaped to another planet and are now plotting the invasion of earth…good work team U.S.A

  5. The sphinx is a jackal Not a lion! With such perfection all around why a small scale head!

  6. Nice presentation with the exception of the geologic dating being incorrect, as is common.

  7. Narrator = British?
    Video produced for Brits?
    Most of “b-roll” is of U.S.? (&Venus)?

    Who makes these videos & for whom please?
    Because I hear a Brit accent I think yellow cake and Saddam’s invisible WMDs

  8. the partial rainbow is geoengineering small water droplets that for a rainbow bc of the metals that are in there

  9. What a stupid story. So, here’s this Alien that has traversed the vastness of space (Don’t even get me started on that) and yet, in spite of this, and being possessed of what would unquestionably be superior technology, he somehow can’t manage a gps type thingy nor does he have the capacity to locate or land in Washington DC??? No…he needs a taxi and no normal taxi or perhaps the thought of hitching a ride would suffice..rather lets risk throwing all our effort away on two policemen and being shot for a ride…lmao. Never mind this SUPERIOR Alien couldn’t even manage a secure location to land. (They haven’t yet developed police car detectors I guess) although we ourselves possess sonar, radar, and infrared tech…lmao. B.S.

  10. I have reason to believe that we (humans) are lab rats and earth is just one big tester site. It seemed to be working beautifully but now we have different species of aliens among us (some of them friendlier and others are here for benevolent entertainment at our expense) and they are sabotaging the others’ experiments and progress. That’s why we feel so out of place and living in a world that does t make sense lately

  11. Most believe that man has EVOLVED into a more/higher intelligent beings.. over the eons on this planet!
    But what if the opposite were true?
    What if, We as a species were once endowed with seemingly superhuman abilities!..
    Only to outsmart ourselves by being super conceited…. poisoning our senses… destroying ourselves, to were the few that survived had to start all over living in rock caves like animals!

  12. Isn’t it true that God created humans on earth and angels in heaven? 1/3 of the angels turned from the Lord’s way and was cast out of heaven. Revelation 12:3, 7-9,11

  13. Yep they are walking around every where ever since these phones got up graded I seen a lot of aliens they seem to never look up at you or where they are going and i would wonder how they can walk with there heads down and not bump into nothing