40 Luckiest People Caught on Camera

Some people are so lucky that it’s like they have the cheat codes for life! You asked us to make Part Two of this video! So today we’re going to show you 40 more lucky moments caught on camera! Watch this video till the end and you’ll be amazed!

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  1. When my stomach burst and the person I was with drove to my house and my husband kept me alive with CPR until the medics got to me. The doctors gave me emergency stomach surgery and saved my life~ I was on life support 3 days and was told I was lucky I survived~ 🙏🏻 grateful to still be alive ..even if we did go into a pandemic right after and life has been pretty tough. I have faith things are getting better 🙏🏻

  2. When I had the flu once I passed out, hit the tube, and face planted onto the ground. And some how I only pushed my noise a little bit the wrong way and some how or other every time someone hits me with a ball in the face I fell nothing but I always still check my noice just to be safe

  3. The luckiest moment of my life was that time I was supposed to take my family to visit my Grandma. Grandpa was in the hospital and we wanted to be there for her. However, I had to work late, so I called her and said that instead of coming up that night we would come in the morning. It was 250 miles, so she was OK with that. However, I took the car out to put fuel in it and had the sudden and EXTREMELY urgent desire to make the trip right away. So when I got home I told the wife to grab the kids, I grabbed the luggage, and off we went. I didn’t even call Grandma to tell her that I changed my mind. We arrived and even though it was very late at night, Grandma was still up; worried about Grandpa as you can imagine. Almost exactly 10 minutes after we arrived, she got a phone call from the hospital. Grandpa had passed away. If I hadn’t been there, I would have lost both of them that night, I am certain of it. Now that’s what I call lucky.

  4. My luckiest moment of my life was getting my first ever pet that I still have today my rabbit 🐇

  5. 7:48
    “Can this guy clean my room?”

    Me : watching this while cleaning my room but I got bored and now I’m watching YouTube.😞

  6. I think you will never trust me but i was so close to jump from the window but mom come at the perfect time to save me (I live on the last floor of the building)

  7. Wowwwwww wtf the Naga truck incident on this page????😆😆😆😆yayyy so proud to be a NAGA❤️