2020: A Year In Social Activism

The coronavirus pandemic has both highlighted and worsened racial, social and economic inequalities in the United States. In 2020, activists took to the streets to demand justice against police brutality, anti-immigrant policies and more.

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  1. For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life

  2. The system is broken.. Protesting isnt going to serve Justice your doing more harm than good
    The people which control our world.. our livelihood our existence is ourselves. Fighting an immovable force wont solve anything.
    You cant Defeat the Government (people who Control the World). They put us into this cage of society brainwashing us with political propaganda.. the only way out is to live by the rules or run away/die from the society itself.. nobody can change the world. We are all controlled, its a simulation. whether we like it or not.. nothing is Perfect. If people want better Equality or No Racism.. not everyone is going to agree with that. we aren’t living in a perfect Society.. humanity has many imperfections human error and sin.. this is what drives us to live from our past mistakes.

    The only way human society can ever RESET its existence is with something cataclysmic wiping out most of us..
    Seems like to me the Government already has by using the Coronavirus we are already overly populated resources are running thin too Carbon Emissions are the worst pollution to climate change aswell as the Meat Industry. If you google about the meat industry it produces billions/trillions worth of our daily Food intake and at the same time commits the worst by killing tons of animals per year they use Production Facilities which cause high emission rates.

  3. What are we becoming?
    What is wrong with humanity to deserve a such treatment?
    All that mighty has fallen.
    What is happening to us?
    What world is coming to?
    Our valors deserted us.

  4. Lemme explain why this wont work in mlks days the world did not like black pl society did not like black pl so they protested against segregation to society they told society THIS IS NOT OK but did so peacefully however society supports BLM business have blms shirts in the window and theres blm tags everywhere where im from but insted of taking the support blm attcks society they burned building killed innocent cops 16 pl died on those roits and blm attacked society and in turn society supported it more. (blm started bc a kid as killed by somebody and the suspected murder was not charged with murder they satred the blm # bc they though the jury said he wasn’t gulity cuz the kids life dint matter WELLL NOOO u fricking idoits what actully happened was the fbi did an investigation proving the man dint kill the KID so the # was started of of uneducated pl who chose not to educated them selfs on the topic.

  5. these “social activism” things r just making me mad. What do they think they will get by shouting in the streets for what they support, with most probably teenage 17yo wanabe t!K T0c stars. like if u wanna show them support, like have a peaceful protest, or an online #. And they dont even care about things happening on much larger scales like Uyghur Muslims, Kashmiri Muslims, How America has effed up so many nation 4 sum oil.