12 Most Mysterious Things That Science Still Cannot Explain

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We rely on scientists to do a lot for us. When great breakthroughs are made in the field of medicine, there will be a scientist behind it. When new forms of technology appear and make our everyday lives better or easier, a scientist has been involved somewhere in that process. Scientists don’t know everything, though, and in some instances, that remains true no matter how much time they spend studying an object or phenomenon. With no disrespect intended to scientists, here’s a whole video full of mysteries they can’t help us with!

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  1. The movement of the stones on the dry lake bed are moving because of the changes in temperature during dusk,creating some condensation then later on in desert it’s freezing cold which causes the moisture to freeze beneath the rocks and with a combination of this with windy conditions is enough to slowly move them across the lake without anyone seeing,I heard this years ago and I’m not sure why no one has placed cameras in the location and check them after a windy night occurs and if they’re lucky they might see the movement on a time lapse replay,that’s what I saw on a documentary but can’t remember who did it,possibly David Attenborough?

  2. The sliding rocks has been explained by scientists. They are moved by the wind when the ground is wet after rain.
    The Tunguska event has been explained – a meteor that exploded before impact – a common event – though not this scale.
    The raining fish has been explained by tornadoes over water which does not kill the fish.

  3. The Annunaki were known for making this happen. They showed great power by raining fish to a population of humans that were under famine times. This however seems possibly multidimensional in its appearance! What condition were the fish in when they feel? Were they alive? Dead? Spoiled? Fresh? To know the data would really give more fire to a possible hypothesis!

  4. The moving rocks at Racetrack Playa are strange but the phenomena is understood by scientists….
    The sailing stones are a geological phenomenon found in the Racetrack. Slabs of dolomite and syenite ranging from a few hundred grams to hundreds of kilograms inscribe visible tracks as they slide across the playa surface, without human or animal intervention. Instead, rocks move when ice sheets just a few millimeters thick start to melt during periods of light wind. These thin floating ice panels create an ice shove that moves the rocks at up to five meters per minute.

  5. 20,000 miles wide? Wow! Compared to looking at the earth from space the earth will be about 12,450 wide. My simple mind is impressed as if our earth was almost twice as big as it is it would look about that size. Now imagine the whole planet of Jupiter, not sure I can do that.

  6. My cat enjoys sitting on the coffee table and looking at me till I return her gaze. Then she’ll dramatically yawn. She will continue the eye contact with me till. . . I yawn. Then she gives this derisive look. Like, smh “weak willed human”.

  7. Obviously the fish get sucked up by a water spout or something equivalent and dropped out of the clouds later

  8. Start by telling the Truth ! God gave Man Dominion over all things of the World 🌎. Now you have the correct perspective.

  9. Twisted trees planted in sand is Extremely easy to explain tree’s (plants) rhizome grow symmetrically literally every root tip is directly connected to some part of the growth, it’s Not a collective as some assume
    Lack of humics layers in the sand is causing uneven root growth resulting in the deformation

  10. the radio bursts are Known Pulsars, stars, and black holes they obviously cant find them all, but it is known how to tell them apart from other noise that they make in a very specific way.

  11. rocks move on froozen beeds of condensation, blown by wind. this has been proven.