12 Most Incredible Finds That Scientists Still Can’t Explain

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We love a good mystery. As fascinating as it is when an archaeologist pulls something out of the ground and is immediately able to tell us all about what it is, and what it says about the people who came before us, we’re much more excited when they come across something they can’t explain. Even with all our current technology, the amount of information we’re missing about our ancestors and the way they lived is startling. Perhaps we’d understand them a little better if we correctly understood the purpose of the strange artifacts you’re about to see in this video!

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12 Most Mysterious Things That Science Still Cannot Explain
12 Most Mysterious Things That Science Still Cannot Explain

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12 Most Incredible Discoveries Scientists Still Can't Explain

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  1. One thing is for sure, our ancestors had a whole lot more class and far deeper culture than any surviving today.

  2. The vitrified rock is easily explained. You ever burn ants or leaves with a magnifying glass? Imagine a series of big versions and some big mirrors used as a siege weapon. It makes sense. You don’t have to break the walls if you can kill everyone inside with heat.

  3. “There’s very little evidence to support their claim” other than discoveries of human skeletons ten feet and larger and even as large as twenty-five feet. Somehow. Around the world. Including an entire tribe worth of them unearthed together.

  4. Mythology and folklore are all true stories. The tablet found on the beach belongs to the aquatic beings that live in the oceans. Actually there is loads of evidence that proves giants and titans are real and the body parts that have been found have been dna tested if you want to learn about giants go to mud fossils university Roger has hundreds of giant body parts that have been dna tested. Giants are still alive today and are in secret secure locations away from the public to keep everyone safe. Pyramids were not built to be tombs, they are power stations and they are built in specific places around the earth and they all use to connect together to make a force field. Nikola Tesla invented WiFi from his time in the pyramids in Egypt. The pyramids around the world were built by the ancient builder race and the giants. The pyramids also produce a healing energy and the pyramids in Bosnia still produce this healing energy. There is a pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle which is massive compared to Giza and this still produces energy and it’s this energy that interferes with the instruments on planes and ships. There is a pyramid in a mountain in Alaska and that can produce enough energy to power the whole of Canada for a year.

  5. It seems to me like there’s more evidence to support an alternate history to the one we’ve been indoctrinated with than there is to support the one which is taught to everyone. Research where the funding for large scale schooling comes from and you may be surprised. Schools were not implemented into society for the betterment of the population, they certainly can have that effect but that is not their primary function. The old adage rings true, “don’t believe everything you hear”.

  6. Hummmm… vitrified fortresses… how did that happen??? IDK… maybe during a siege… with sustained fires….

  7. Please tell me more about airlects gate I can’t find nothing on google many thx

  8. I can’t hear the name properly is it airlect or orlects gate thx it’s frustrating the hell out me

  9. BCE ? what is that suposed to be ? Our calendar is based on BEFORE CHRIST and ANNO DOMINI – year of the Lord. There is no Common Era, never has been and never will be ! Try as you will you cannot airbrush Christ from history.

  10. The glass from the first one is from nuclear grade explosions it’s been proven by scientists

  11. Dude the Bible is clear when it says there were giants in the world

  12. Plenty of evidence to support the existence of giants. Even the slightest research can yield enough evidence to change one’s mind about their existence.

  13. Imagine if the door was just a cruel joke. You know, to either scare the enemy into thinking that nightly raids were the work of a dwarf. Or as a curse to make the enemy think that a dwarf was stealing souls

  14. Very interesting vid. Spoiled only by the “generic” shit YouTube background music. Inappropriate and unnecessary. Please amend for future videos. :