12 Most Incredible Discoveries Scientists Still Can’t Explain

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Human beings love mysteries, and scientists might love mysteries more than anybody else. Whenever they’re confronted by something inexplicable, they use all their skills and training to try to understand and explain it. Often, they succeed. Sometimes, though, they’re left just as baffled and confused as the rest of us. Many archaeological discoveries leave scientists with that frustrated, baffled theory, and we’ve packed some of the very best of them into this video for you!

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  1. i kind of like stuff like this….. i’m a curious person…. remember tho – history is written by those in power… there is always going to be a bias to consider in what info we get…..

  2. Well, I want to correct you I’m almost..yes no I’m 100% woman knew what there faces looked like since the great find of water..lol..serves as a nice mirror in most cases of the right light and shade

  3. They might not have had mirrors like we have today but they were able to buff certain objects to show reflections. Female figurines are the Venus of…cannot pronounce, ergo, spell the last part…anyhoo, it is a pagan thing. Well known among Wiccans and Pagans…

  4. The wall in Puru (?) could have just been artist doing their thing…you know…like todays artist designing walls. Why does everything from way back when has to be for rituals!

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  6. An epigraph is at the beginning of a work of literature,
    But an epilogue is at the end….


  7. How well that rust encrusted Roman dagger cleaned up. That was the most incredible thing imo.

  8. Very interesting and well delivered,
    Thank you for this very informative article.

  9. The three whale rocks are actually fossilized whales in the permineralization process. Love the video

  10. when talking about the hilltop fort in Aberdeen, Scotland, whoever produced this video failed to mention the most interesting thing: All the rocks have somehow been heated and fused together and no one knows how this was done. They tried building a replica of the wall lined with timber, and even after burning for several days,only a few small pieces of stone had been melted. There was a video about this on “The Strange Worlds of Arthur C. Clark”. It’s probably on line someplace.