11 Best Blogging Tips from a Full-Time Blogger | Before and After You Start in 2020

Want to start a blog or have already started and are looking for blogging tips from someone who knows the game? Watch this video!

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5 Tips before and 7 tips for after you start.

Before starting:
– No, It’s Not Too Late to Start.

Everyone always thinks everything is too late
100 billion searches a month
77% users still read blog daily
70% of people skip the AdSense Ads

The best time to start building your business was yesterday, the next best time is today.

– Niche Down Until It Hurts

You are not a media company.
You need to niche down until it hurts.
Market to everyone then you market to no one.
So instead of womens fitness, you need to narrow down to fitness tips for women ages 18-25 who are in college. – like my friend the college nutritionist!
Create and Go only talks about blogging for this exact reason. We are narrowed down into our space. Love our space. And are going to DOMINATE our space.

– Your Blog Needs a Purpose

What I mean by that is that your blog needs a problem to solve. A mission. A deep why.
Create and Go – We help you build a blogging business and design your life. And our goal is to help 10,000 people make $1,000 or more blogging.
Your blog can be about helping people get bigger asses, more money, better grades for your kids, etc – the key is that your blog needs a central purpose.

– Get Organized or Go Broke

Lauren is a beast at this.

– Shut up and Start

This is probably your 3rd YouTube video or whatever. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW
Find one resource to learn from.

After starting
– Your About Page

Maybe one of the most profitable pages on Create and GO.
We share everything on there.
This resonates with me to my core.

– Traffic is more important than Monetization in the Beginning

Kind of.
Chicken vs the egg scenario.

– Consider getting some Accountability

Lauren and I started as a team.

– Your Blog is an Investment and a Business

I think this is the biggest mistake I see young business owners make. This is because the way most people spend their money is bonkers.
Buying some yeezys vs investing in your blog.
#1. They take what little they earn and spend it
#2. They never invest in their business
Assets vs. Liabilities.

– Make Posts Stupidly Easy to Read

Okay, your readers are now lazy people.
You are going to have to either tell a damn good and original story, or make your posts stupidly simple to read and go through.
Make the font big, add in lots of images, break up the text.

– Multi Media is a Must

Just blogging will work for another couple years, but then the winners will be the people willing to add some form of multi-media to their site. Podcasts, professional images, videos on YouTube etc.
It’s a competition.

– Become the Expert

Everything is solved with this one philosophy.

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  1. Tip #1 No. It’s not too late to start a blog 1:10
    Tip #2 You need to niche down until it hurts 2:25
    Tip #3 Your blog needs a purpose, or a WHY? for existing 4:19
    Tip #4 Shut up and start! 6:26
    Tips For Beginner Bloggers:
    #1 Work on your about page 8:32
    #2 Traffic is more important than monetization at the beginning of your journey 10:33
    #3 Get yourself some accountability 11:22
    #4 Your blog is an investment! 13:45
    #5 Make your posts stupidly easy to read 15:57
    #6 Multimedia is a MUST! 17:38
    #7 Become the Expert! 19:49

  2. I love this, I am still trying to figure out the details of what i want to be really talking about. Now we have so many teacher (Yoga) so i am trying to figure my strength… This was an amazing video. I would love to join your community for more support and connect with some bloggers and get even more excited about the journey x 🙂

  3. Great stuff, subscribed. I have a question: Is there such a thing as ‘too small a niche?’ I coach a sport that has probably a thousand participants nationwide, and the governing body doesn’t promote it. So will this hinder my chances of making some money? It doesn’t have to be fortunes, but I would like to generate some value.

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    What about when it comes to inserting photos that are not mine? For example a photo of bananas or a bunny? I don’t want any copy-write

  5. Hey! Do u guys also teach how to set up wordpress step by step. I am extremely new to this….never set up a wordpress site ever.

  6. Great video, I have been blogging for an year now, have a website with 200 articles in a relatively good niche, but get around 2000 visitors a month, I m quite staunch on making this work so have decided to atleast post a 1000 blogs on that site before doing anything else. I try to follow income school’s approach as much as possible and do quite some extensive research when it comes to keyword research. Would really appreciate anything helpful that u might have to say, cheers

  7. tell me please how can i focusing on yr video without stay looking at yr face every moment

  8. “They tell me don’t get high and I should try to make a living. I tell ’em I’m a hustler and I’d rather make a killing cuz THE SKY IS THE LIMIT” 
    -Lil Wayne (The Sky Is The Limit)

    Nice shirt btw.

    Thanks for another great video.

  9. how are blogs different from a website? Can I integrate my blog with my website and still make money?