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We made a bunch of intense challenges for our subscribers to be a part of where they can win up to $10,000!


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Best Science Experiment Wins 10,000 Elephant Toothpaste
Best Science Experiment Wins 10,000 Elephant Toothpaste

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Ed Sheeran, Martin Garrix, Kygo, Dua Lipa, Avicii, The Chainsmokers Style – Feeling Me 108
Ed Sheeran, Martin Garrix, Kygo, Dua Lipa, Avicii, The Chainsmokers Style - Feeling Me 108

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I lived a perfect life until sister was born
I lived a perfect life until sister was born

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  1. Sapnap gave all of the money that he won to the other contestant after the challenge! Twitter links below to let you all know that Rockzoo also received the money 🙂

  2. Hi Mr. Beast I been wanting to be shouted out in one of your videos and I’ve worked so hard but it never turned out so if you see this it will really mean a lot if you comment back.

  3. Mr beast if you can see this you are awesome. Glad you decided to play magic the gathering arena with everyone. I wish I got the money but it was nice to know I had a shot. You probably wont read this but I will be starting my streaking soon. If you ever wanted to do something with me on stream I would be happy to join. I do need the money but money definitely isnt everything. Just make sure you continue what you are doing. Cant wait to see if you have a video of magic the gathering coming out soon. If you want to hit me up do it on discord. However you will have to find a way to message me privately though if you were going to do it.

  4. Heres a video idea play minecraft but every 2 minutes a nuke spawns on top of you

  5. I can’t join lol cause I don’t even have minecraft but if I did I would so kill mr beast if he was on survival

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  7. please get Josh back in these videos, he’s so funny😭😭 does he have a channel?

  8. why you dont give 1000 big j i want to buy a pc and participate in your competitions.

  9. You should give a little money to the people that lost like a 1000 dollars, i am feeling bad for them.

  10. Hello Mr. Beast! I know this might seem like straight up beggin for stuff on the internet but the fact that you sometimes do those crazy videos in which you do things for random people, things that end up making a real difference, maybe even change their lives, also makes me hope that maybe i have a shot of becoming one of those people. I have one ,,teanager dream” of owning my first motorcycle, a Honda Rebel 1100, Honda CB 650 R, Honda CMX 500 REBEL or a Kawasaki Vulcan S…any one of those would be my dream bike. I would be forever gratefull to you if you somehow think about making some kind of content in which my dream could also be fulfilled. I know that to some people the amount of money to buy one of those bikes (7-10k) is not that much, but to me as a fresh graduated student, landing my first jobs is hard to gather that sum ,and also if i ever manage to gather that quantity it would probably be for mortgage advance loan needed to buy a house, i pay rent for 10-11 years and im looking forward for that to end so i have to prioritize. Thank you for taking the time to read my message, i apologize in advance for the fact that this message might be annoying beacose i will repost it on other videos also, hoping that you will see it. Sorry for my broken english! I wish you all the good in the world, keep up the good content! 🙂